Remembering our Self vs. Recreating ourself – there’s a difference

For a long time, I have heard people talk about the idea of recreating oneself in order to be happier.  I think there are some important distinctions to be made here!!  There are many things we can recreate so that we are more satisfied with the end product, but I think our Self isn’t one of them.  Before I go on, I just want to give a working definition for the word Self which  you will see all over this blog because I am in love with this word!  Self with a capital S is the same thing as your Spirit, as your Soul.  It is your ME that is the truest form of who you are.  Your Self has a particular frequency of vibration that is unique – it sets you apart from every other Soul in this universe.  By the way, this is a good thing!!

When I hear the word “recreate” I think “change.”  For example, we can recreate a recipe by adding an ingredient (perhaps a dash or two of cayenne to kick up the heat in a pasta sauce!) and the end product would be a different sauce than the one you might typically serve.  That is a change.  You can recreate the look of a room in your home – add or subtract furniture, change paint colours, throw in some nice decor pieces et voila!  New room!  You can do the same thing to yourself (*note: not a capital S) by getting a fresh haircut, playing around with your makeup etc.  You will look different, changed somehow.

But what doesn’t change or cannot be recreated, in my opinion, is your Self.  We don’t need to change our Self – we need to remember it!!  First, remember that it exists (this is huge!), and then remember what its optimal frequency is, what makes it vibrate…what makes it tick!  I literally have a physical reaction when my Soul is recognized.  I actually get the physical shakes.  This happens at no other time and it is not the same as shivering when I’m cold.  When I am talking about something that I am truly passionate about, I shake.  It’s audible in my voice, too.  This has happened a number of times over the last few years that I remember.  The most recent time, I was on the phone with Dr. Susan Biali discussing this very project.  I take it as a sign that my Spirit likes to be remembered!  And that when I remember it, it wants me to notice!

One more note on the difference between remembering and recreating.  It’s semantics that pulls me toward the former word.  If my Soul is an extension of a Greater Power, really a piece of It that I am housing in this body, then I sure don’t want to change it!

I’d be thrilled to hear about your experiences like mine!  Does something physical happen to you when your Self is remembered?  (Later I’d like to talk about the physical things that happen to us when our Self is NOT remembered!)

The Mysteries of Journalling

A couple of months ago, a significant event happened over a delicious lunch of a spicy buffalo chicken burger and fries.  A friend of mine asked me what I write when I journal.  That stopped me mid-bite.  I had no idea how to answer that question.  When I write in my journal, I just write in my journal.  There isn’t much I don’t write.  So, I answered as technically as I could.  “Well, I write things like… I don’t know…y’know?”  From her facial expression I could see that this answer was a fail!

So then I decided to tell her about my free-writes that I do in my journal.  This is when I write down a sentence and just go with it, writing down whatever comes to my mind without judgment or without editing.  I had to put the burger down and wipe the sauce from my chin so I could flail my arms around excitedly because this is my FAVOURITE writing exercise:

Take out some paper and a pen.  DON’T get hung up over the paper.  It doesn’t have to have cute little kittens chasing yarn across the top of the page.  It doesn’t have to be baby blue.  It doesn’t have to be bound in a leather notebook.  Just get some loose leaf if that is the most accessible form of paper available to you now.

Set a timer for 5 minutes.  This is meant to glue you to your chair for a specific amount of time. Write down the first sentence that comes to your mind and then just keep writing.  Your thoughts don’t have to be related or complete.  They don’t have to make sense.  Use whatever language comes to you.  NOBODY IS GOING TO READ THIS…well, we’ll get to that later.  That’s more of a philosophical debate.

Don’t stop writing.  If you find yourself falling into a lull, write things like “I don’t know what to write.  I’m running out of thoughts.  My hand is cramping.  This is a weird exercise.  It’s Taslim’s favourite exercise?  Does she need to get a life?”  As long as the pen is moving across the page, you’re doing it!

Since journalling is a core component to any creative program, it will be a topic I come to time and again.  I have an entire manila envelope absolutely crammed full of pages of free writes.  I have a fun task ahead of me with these pages…more on this in a future post!

And So It Begins…Your Creative Path

Yay – you’re here!  Thank you!  That officially makes you a part of my dream – a path that’s been paved by innumerable events, big and small, and that I have only recently begun to recognize.  You know when you’ve been driving on auto-pilot, going the same route to and from school or work every day?  At some point on the drive you go, “Hey!  Where am I?  How did I get here?  Oh right…that’s where I’m going.”  Yeah, it’s like that.  Only, recognizing your creative path is a lot more exciting!! 

This blog is about ME helping YOU find your ME so YOU can be YOU!  And if you can wrap your head around that, you’re off to a great start!  In other words, I want you to let your “me” out by remembering and releasing your creative Self.

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