A behind-the-scenes look at the ‘making’ of  Dr. Wayne Dyer, internationally-acclaimed speaker, writer and teacher, this memoir is one beautifully told story after another. At the end of each vignette is a carefully drawn-out, enlightening analysis of how each event contributed to his purpose-path. The seemingly inconsequential details and the major life experiences alike are laid out like buoys on a journey that was not all smooth sailing. Not brushing anything off as insignificant – a remark, a question, a crossroad – allowed him to build a great mountain from each pebble – a mountain which he envisioned for himself the whole time, and from the top of which he writes this book with blessed hindsight.

As a writer, his journey has inspired me to keep going, to never give up on my dream, to know that if I can believe it I will see it…if Wayne Dyer was his own bookstore/distributor/marketer at one point, then woohoo!! I’ve got something in common with him! More than that, though, reading about his convictions about spirituality, human behaviour, the things that made his Soul hurt, the things that made his Soul sing…they all resonated with me deeply. There was actually a point during which I stopped reading, looked up and thought, Now I understand what it means that we are One.

It’s not about Wayne Dyer the Great Speaker and Writer, and Taslim Jaffer the Mom Who Wants to be a Great Speaker and Writer. It’s like when you have a deep conversation with someone and you are both speaking the same language, and nodding, “Yeah, I totally get that.” You are connecting on a level where all those physical boundaries don’t exist: your occupation title, your gender, your race… This book made me feel that. I can see clearly now that this book came into my life at the right time. It has affirmed that I must keep going on this path of ‘doing the best to be me while raising three children to be them.’ And every little thing that has ever happened to me has given me the opportunity to do just that. And every thing that will happen to me from now on will do the same for me. I get to choose how to write my story.

What I loved best:

  • he shares his favourite quotes/poems/authors/poets and their significance to his journey
  • he gives the backstory on how many of his bestsellers were conceived
  • he is candid about his human-ness but also unashamed of his spiritual-ness
  • he writes the way he speaks on stage – truly captivating
  • I finished the book feeling like I am no different from Dr. Wayne Dyer. Nor am I different from the person who just walked past my window, or the drivers I will see on the road today, or that person who gets under my skin like no one else can (you know…that person…)

If you have never read a Wayne Dyer book in your life, this is a great start. If you have read all 41 of his books, this is the sweetest cherry on top!


Disclosure: I received this book from Hay House Publishing in exchange for an honest review