Thank you for visiting my portfolio. These are select pieces from major outlets I regularly contribute to. For more articles, please stop by my Recent Publications page where you also get a bit of background into my thought process for each piece.

surrey 604Surrey 604

Surrey604.com highlights stories of the people, businesses and events in my amazing city, as well as brings important and interesting stories from around the world. I write travel and lifestyle pieces for this publication. And I get to interview some amazing local artists!

5 Foods You Must Try in Victoria
Weekend Getaway with Friends at Cypress Mountain
Road Trip Tips to Keep Your Kids Happy

Peace Arch News

In my monthly column, Building Bridges, I get to share my thoughts on multicultural connections, race relations and social issues. It was my hope when this column first published in February 2016 that my words would inspire others to see the value in finding commonalities.

An Effort to Be Neighbourly
We All Come From Somewhere
Speaking Up for Change

Huffington Post Canada

Occasionally, I publish pieces on Huffington Post Canada on topics that I hope will inspire readers to choose peace, empathy and kindness. Writing on this platform springboarded my speaking career on CBC radio, in places of worship and where people gather to discuss such ideas.

Blogging Changed My Path
Canada, Please Stay Tolerant For My Muslim Children
Leaving Our Digital Footprint

Yummy Mummy Club

Erica Ehm’s Yummy Mummy Club is an incredible forum for women to raise and discuss important topics related to womanhood and motherhood. Through these pieces, I share some personal stories and concerns – but also some light-hearted anecdotes!

Grey Hair Don’t Care
Don’t Wait for a Health Scare
Lessons My Mom Taught Me

Winning Entries for Voices of Motherhood Contest

Entering writing contests is always fun for me; when a topic inspires me, I carve out the time to write to it and feel the thrill of submitting something. I’m proud of these pieces that won prizes in 2013, 2015 and 2016. It was also a great pleasure to be a judge for this contest in 2017 alongside some great Canadian writers!

What Surprised Me Most About Motherhood
Finding Myself on the Kitchen Floor

South Asian Woman

I wrote lifestyle articles for South Asian Woman magazine every quarter for 3 years, contributing ideas ranging from careers, motherhood, womanhood, home and local events.

Halloween Safety Tips

Ecofriendly Spring Cleaning

Tips For Working Moms

CBC Parents

CBC Parents is a go-to resource for Canadian parents, providing fun and inspiring stories about parenting, craft ideas, kid-friendly activities, recipes and more. I enjoy the diverse content and relatable topics, and am happy to have my thoughts published here.

I Must Be a Role Model for My Daughter of Colour
How To Do Nothing and Still Have Quality Time With Your Family
Mom ISO Mom Friends: How Technology is Helping Build a New Kind of Village

The South Asian Buzz

As editor of the Wellness section for The South Asian Buzz, I also enjoy contributing my thoughts and research on health and wellness matters. In this section, we address a holistic approach to wellness and, in keeping with our mandate to discuss lifestyle with a desi twist, we relate these topics to the South Asian community.

Mindful Eating During Thanksgiving
India’s Obsession With Light Skin Is Not Fair
Feeling Envious? Try These 5 Tips Instead