Local Jewelry Line, Brooklyn Designs, Shares A Sparkle Of Kindness With Founder of Vancity Business Babes

When women support other women, it’s a phenomenal thing. Whether professionally or in personal matters, when a woman has your back, you know you have more than just a helping hand. You have someone who gets it. Who gets the truth about living life with the expectations placed on us (by society and by ourselves), who gets the physical and emotional backdrop in front of which our multi-tasking lives play out. North American culture generally has this undertone of individualism and competition. But times are changing, friends. I really see it. I see the ways we are moving toward communities of women who support each other in childcare and who build each other up in business.

One such powerhouse community I have been following on social media is Vancity Business Babes, one of Vancouver’s largest networking and resource groups that aims to educate, connect and inspire young, professional women. Founder Danielle Wiebe started the group two years ago based on her belief of cooperation over competition. Since then she has been a beacon for countless entrepreneurs while giving back to the community in creative and authentic ways, such as The Gift of Giving she launched two years ago.

And behind every successful woman is a tribe of women cheering her on. When Danielle’s friend, Jennifer Pereira, nominated her for a random act of kindness through #LMOKindness, I was touched by the words she used:

“Danielle is the remarkable young lady behind Vancity Business Babes. As the founder, she has made it her life’s work to create and enable a community for women in Vancouver to come together in entrepreneurship and collaboration. What sets Danielle apart is her heart. She does everything possible to support community initiatives – often at her own expense. Danielle devotes countless hours to bettering Vancouver and creating a positive experience for others. Anyone that meets her is immediately inspired by her huge smile and heart. Despite facing stress and challenges, she pushes forward.

Danielle is truly inspiring. I think receiving a random act of kindness would be one small way we could give back to Danielle as a token of appreciation for all that she does for 1000s of other people in our city.”

Since Jennifer contacted me I have gotten to know her better too, and I should say, we should all be so lucky to have a friend like her.

One of our favourite sponsors who has shown incredible generosity toward our charitable endeavours – Brooklyn Designs – donated a stunning necklace for this particular random act of kindness. All of Brooke’s creations are easy to pick out in a crowd because they are classy and simple with a boho vibe – perfect for everyday wear or layered up for a more formal look. You will also find Brooklyn Designs on celebrities on T.V. shows, movies and news stations! Their pieces are so well-priced you don’t even have to wait for them to go on sale to grab some – but they do have these huge clearance sales every so often that just blow my mind. Visit their site and sign up for their newsletter to stay abreast of all the special offers in 2017. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and you can never go wrong with a gift (for yourself or someone else!) from this local jewelry designer. Thank you again so much for your generosity, Brooke! You are also the epitome of creativity and kindness!

Follow Brooklyn Designs on Instagram for more looks and style inspiration.

Danielle received the Laurel Aqua Chalcedony pictured here:

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Once again, the #LMOKindness project is a TEAM effort! Thank you to Jennifer for nominating Danielle and thank you Brooke for this beautiful gift of kindness.

If you are interested in participating in the program, it’s easy! Just fill out this nomination form if you know anybody who could use a little token of appreciation.

We really couldn’t run this initiative without our sponsors, so if you are a local business with a desire to give back to the community in this unique and personal way, please be in touch with me for more details. I love shouting about entrepreneurs and individuals who make it a point to keep their business charitable. ** If you don’t have a product or service that can be donated but would still like to participate, I have plenty of ideas that we can talk about!

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How A Random Act Of Kindness Brightened Tami’s Christmas #LMOKindness

When I first launched the #LMOKindness campaign, I had no idea what to expect. I didn’t know if people would actually fill out the form and nominate anybody. I didn’t know if businesses would come forth and make donations that would fulfill a need or lift someone’s spirits. But the nomination forms showed up in my inbox, and businesses and individuals I approached were happy to participate. The need is still great from a donation standpoint. If you are a business that would like to show its commitment to community giving, please contact me to learn more about this initiative!

This story that I’m going to share with you today is really what #LMOKindness is all about. A woman named Janice wrote in about her friend, Tami who, in a short time, had sustained an injury that left her unable to work for awhile, was going through the dissolution of a marriage, and was single-handedly raising her own children plus a foster child. The dissolution of her marriage forced her to move cities as well, so really, Tami was going through so many of life’s major stresses at once.

I was touched by the compassionate words Janice used to describe Tami and when she concluded: “Her strength of character, persistence and positive attitude, plus her Faith have given her much solace this past year and, I am sure, will continue to provide her Light in the future,” I knew I really wanted Tami to catch a break this Christmas.

Along came a wonderful couple, who wish to remain anonymous. They are friends of mine who asked me to keep them in mind when a nominee came to my attention who needed help with the day-to-day. With the Christmas season approaching, I was sure that Tami and her children were the perfect fit for this couple’s generosity.

A gift of $150 in grocery gift cards and $100 in a pre-paid credit card were mailed out to Tami a couple of weeks ago. When I received Tami’s email acknowledging receipt, I shared her words with my friend and we both had a good cry.

Not only were Tami and her boys ecstatic about receiving help with groceries and Christmas gifts, one of her sons even suggested they share the grocery gift card with another family he knows who are in a dire situation this year. That’s what moved me to tears and made me so thankful this connection was made. This is exactly how kindness works. It’s not something we can hold and contain; kindness is an energy that moves through us. It inspires us to reach out to others. It fuels us, even, to be able to do so.

With the pre-paid credit card, Tami will be able to buy her sons gifts to open on Christmas Day. On that day I’ll be thinking of them, and of the family they shared their grocery gift card with, and of the couple who helped make this all possible.

Life can be cracked and ugly and heartbreaking. It can also be made better by the kindness of others who help glue the pieces back so that we can be whole enough to help someone else.

Thank you to Janice for nominating Tami!

If you know someone who deserves a random act of kindness, please take a moment to fill out this form. And if you are a business or an individual who would like to make a donation, please be in touch. We like to shout about businesses who are doing their part.

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A Weekend Getaway Sponsored By Springs RV Resort #LMOKindness

When Lori nominated her husband, Dan, to receive some #LMOKindness, I knew I wanted to be a part of this story. Dan had been an employee at IBM for over 20 years and was recently laid off. This transition, of course, had some repercussions for their single-income family, and Dan was in definite need of some Spirit-lifting! In speaking with Lori on the phone to get a better feeling for what Dan might need, I picked up on the idea that the whole family (Lori, Dan and their son) could use a change in scenery and some fun in an outdoor setting! Lori’s voice was full of hope for her husband, her son and herself; I am sure this will be the beginning of a new phase that brings them much prosperity and happiness!

To send them off on their new journey, our Kind Sponsor – Springs RV Resort, is hosting this family of 3 in one of their luxury RVs to enjoy all the amenities of their gated community resort. I had the pleasure of staying there last Summer with my husband and kids and we had the BEST time – so my heart is happy that Lori and her family will have a great weekend getaway!

[Tweet “@SpringsRV donated a weekend getaway to a deserving nominee! #LMOKindness”]

Springs RV Resort is the perfect lake escape only 90 minutes from anywhere in the Fraser Valley. The Resort is in the charming village of Harrison Hot Springs and just a leisurely stroll from the lake and beach. Designed for family fun and boasting a unique community with weekly summer activities, Springs RV has two outdoor swimming pools, brand new Whistler-style amenities, indoor clubhouse, outdoor games area, children’s play area and more.

Since I last visited, there have been many add-ons that I am sure Lori, Dan and their son will make good use of:

  • Brand new 3 story clubhouse
  • New adult pool and over-sized hot tub
  • Large heated family pool with hot tub
  • Spa-like bathrooms with heated tiles
  • 5 outdoor community fireplaces
  • Two bigscreen TV areas
  • Library with fireplace
  • Stone and cedar social pavillion for dinners and dances
  • Laundry room
  • Large treed playground
  • 1930s carousel
  • Walking trails, dog walk
  • Free WiFi and Shaw HotSpots

Find out why the kids think Springs RV Resort was voted one of the best in its class in North America, then give them a ‘like’ on Facebook to stay current:

…and check out this foodie talk about his outdoor kitchen! Can you smell the grill?


I want to thank our Kind Sponsor, Springs RV Resort, for donating an entire weekend of family fun to this much-deserving family. Please be sure to contact them if you want more information on overnight stays, seasonal leases and sites for purchase in their community at 1-604-796-9767.

Dan – you’re a hardworking, loving father and husband and we hope you are excited for your weekend away! Lori thinks you are so deserving of this act of kindness and that, in itself, is a great gift!

Don’t forget to pack your swimwear!

If you’d like to be a Kind Sponsor, please contact me directly. There are many ways to participate!