Writing With Taslim

On Sunday February 14, 2021 I launched a weekly, drop-in expressive writing group called Writing With Taslim. Thirteen eager participants showed up on the Zoom call with pen and paper, ready to write to the theme of “Self-Love.” If you’re normally a solo journaller, you may want to experience the quiet but powerful energy of people writing “together” – I have been pleasantly surprised at how that energy is able to come through in a Zoom room, the way it does in physical spaces. The 60 minutes pass quickly and it’s amazing what we come away with.

Every Sunday from 10 am to 11 am PST (through at least the Spring), I will come prepared with prompts designed to help you explore your thoughts, ideas and feelings on a universal theme. Think of it as “self-discovery meets healing” in a safe and sacred space available to you at your convenience.

Expressive writing is a therapeutic form of writing and as such, you are not expected to read what you wrote. However, you do have the option to share insight, or comment on the process either by unmuting yourself and speaking, or using the chat function, as the size of the group allows. There is great healing in sharing (for both the person sharing and the listeners) so I encourage it but it’s up to you to decide if, and what, you share.

If you are interested in signing up, simply drop me an email letting me know (taslim@taslimjaffer.com). When you email me your interest, I will give you instructions on where to send the $10 fee by e-transfer to secure your spot and get you on the mailing list for that week’s Zoom link.

Registration happens weekly and closes 24 hours prior to each session.

Here are the themes for the upcoming weeks:

Sunday Feb. 28: Dreams

Sunday Mar. 7: Women’s Wisdom

Sunday Mar. 14: Gratitude

Sunday Mar. 21: Renewal/Rebirth

Sunday Mar. 28: Time

I hope to see you at one or more in the coming weeks! Feel free to email me any questions or leave a comment here.