Last Spring, Canada was shaken to its core over a tragic accident that left an entire junior hockey team and staff dead or injured. News of the Humboldt Broncos tragedy reached me via Twitter the next morning; my entire feed was one horrified tweet after another.

In our home, we were already reeling from the news of a young girl, my son’s age, who passed away suddenly over Spring break. We first met her a few years ago when she was in my son’s Kindergarten class and she lived just up the street; her smile and kindness had reached so many in her short life and our entire neighbourhood felt foreign with this loss.

It was a terrible week with both of these events taking place just days apart. But I saw how communities rallied together – the entire country for the Broncos, and our neighbourhood for this sweet girl’s family. It moved me but it also made me think: we come together and connect over such terrible news and also incredible highs (like the Olympics) – but it would serve us well as individuals and a collective, if we made even small connections on a daily basis.

I wrote about this in a column for Peace Arch News. I hope you enjoy the read and I’d love to hear your comments, either on their site or right here!

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