At my most recent book club meeting, after thoroughly discussing the thought-provoking book we had just finished reading, the conversation flipped to Netflix. As everyone chimed in with what they were watching on Netflix, I realized that even though most of these women lived just steps from my own home, I didn’t know what they were doing in their living rooms in the evenings! I mean, it’s not that I’m a nosy neighbour or anything but it’s pretty important to know the people you share a corner with, don’t you think?

My neighbours are used to me asking them all kinds of things: can someone take my kids to school today, can someone pick up my kids from school today, does anybody have a lemon, does anybody have a juice box , did anybody save yesterday’s paper, does anyone have a bottle opener/gravy boat/wheelbarrow/ I could borrow, I have extra cake – who wants it, who wants to come over for tea, who wants to wake up early on a Sunday and go for a walk? You get the picture.

And yet, after all these years, I didn’t know what they were watching on Netflix! I had to remedy that. I rounded up 5 of my neighbours and asked them for a peek in their living rooms so I could see what they enjoyed watching together as a couple.

5 Shows My Neighbours Love Watching On Netflix

Kavita and Robby: Breaking Bad

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Breaking Bad is about a high school chemistry teaching dying of cancer who tries to secure his family’s future by making and selling crystal meth.

We loved it because the character on this show are complex and very interesting. The character development is unbelievable – watching the main character’s journey from good to diabolical was fascinating. The plot line is unpredictable and compelling, and the use of foreshadowing was very sophisticated.

We loved every minute of this series! Since the series ended, we use it as the gold standard to compare all other shows. My husband and I will often say to each other, “It was good…but NOT Breaking Bad good!”

Kim and Shane: Nashville

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Nashville is about country music legend Rayna James whose label has her touring with a rising young diva named Juliette Barnes.

We love to watch Nashville – we started it about a month ago and are currently mid-way through Season 3. We generally have very different taste in TV shows, but we both love country music (which this show oozes) so naturally we both love watching it. We visited Nashville a few years ago and fell in love with the city which probably plays into it a bit!

Cayley and Frank: Ozark

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Ozark is about a financial advisor who gets in trouble with a drug lord and has to launder $500 million in 5 years. To do this, he moves his family from Chicago to the Missouri Ozarks.

We started watching Ozark because it came highly recommended. We like that it’s a bit dark but also humorous at the same time. It’s a great show to binge watch on a weekend (if you don’t have kids around) since there are only 10 episodes in the first season. And…we’ve been told that the last episode has a big surprise!

Erin and Chris: Breaking Bad (Just like Kavita and Robby!)

what are you watching on netflix, watching on netflix, what my neighbours are watching on netflix, taslim jaffer writer

We loved Breaking Bad because it started off strong in the first episode and didn’t let us down once through the entire series. The writers and actors are all amazing, resulting in an incredible story line told through even better characters. We’ve watched the series multiple times and see something different every time…and we’d still watch it again and love it just as much (if not more) than the first time we saw it.

Kelly and Hammond: The Crown

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The Crown is the Netflix original drama about Queen Elizabeth II from the 1940s to modern times.

We love The Crown because the characters are realistic and the actors do an amazing job portraying them. The costumes, scenes and direction are superb with entertaining plot and dialogue. As well, the architecture and countryside of England and Scotland makes us nostalgic for our younger years growing up in the UK.  History buffs will love the lesson in 20th century post-war Britain!
You feel like you are taking a ‘real’ behind the scenes look at the Royal family and the struggles that they deal with each day behind closed doors and in the public eye. Before we watched it, we took at look at other reviews which included ‘instant classic” and ‘like the subject it examines, the crown feels like an antique to be admired”. We instantly fell in love with The Crown and are looking forward  to the next series.

What Are You Watching On Netflix As A Couple?

Your turn! Tell us in the comments below what your favourite series is as a couple. Also, did any of my neighbours convince you to try something you haven’t seen?

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