I just learned that 57% of Canadians binge-watch their favourite Netflix entertainment in the air! Now that you can watch without WiFi, the airplane is the perfect place to catch up on some shows or distract yourself from turbulence by immersing yourself in the perfect movie. We happily downloaded movies for our 3 kids to watch (on two separate iPads – the youngest got her own, and the older two shared) for our recent trip to Mexico. We knew from the get-go that there were only so many snacks and colouring books we could pull out of our magic hat to keep these guys entertained, strapped in a seat for five and a half hours. A happy flight makes for a great start or end to a trip. We’re good with Netflix binging in public and it looks like we’re not alone!

Here are some suggestions on what to download for the kids for their air-travel Netflix binging:

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It’s not just about keeping the kids happy, though. There are some really good reasons why you should keep your Netflix shows on your tablet while you jet-set this holiday season!

3 Reasons Why You Should Download Netflix Entertainment For Air Travel

1. Your flight could be delayed. Sorry, I know that’s one of your fears as you book tickets in unpredictable winter weather. Actually, 63% of Canadians are worried about flight delays over the holidays. With your favourite shows at your fingertips, you can consider delays to be extra episodes just waiting to be devoured!

2. Another fear? Faulty in-flight systems leading to…no entertainment! I don’t think I need to elaborate on this. You’ll be the most popular person on the plane with Netflix on your tablet (just glance through the crack in the seats behind you – Seat 47C is peeking at your screen to alleviate his boredom!). In fact, 45% of Canadians who binge in the air have caught someone watching their screen from another seat!

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3. Ok, and if the in-flight system is working, what’s worse than the captain announcing the imminent landing right at the juicy part of the movie? The screen shuts off, the flight attendant kindly (but firmly) asks you to lock your lap tray, put away your screen and sit in a completely upright position. If that Netflix movie isn’t downloaded on your tablet, it’s as good as gone. You’ll never know if the ship sank. (Ok, that one isn’t available on Netflix right now so I’ll just tell you…it did sink. And it was really, really sad.)

Have I convinced you to add ‘download shows for Netflix binging’ to your travel prep list? Maybe this photo of my 3 year old daughter will remind you that a quiet child from CUN to YVR is the best child.

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My friend Raj over at Pink Chai Living had a pretty awesome idea for her recent flight to New York City. I’m going to have to download the same when I (hope to) go to NYC next spring!

Have you checked out the Netflix download feature?

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