This is a post I published on The South Asian Buzz just before Canadian Thanksgiving. Since my American friends and family are celebrating the big turkey day in less than 48 hours (I know they’re counting down!), I thought I’d pop this post on mindful eating here. There truly is a way to enjoy all the foods we’ve come to associate with holidays in a way that won’t sabotage our health and wellness goals that we have been working on the rest of the year.

Also, let’s be honest – it’s not just Thanksgiving that means heavy meals. There’s Christmas following close behind. Then New Year’s shindigs. Valentine’s Day. Easter. And it goes on. Hopefully, these tips on mindful eating make it easy for you to stay on track, no matter what your goals are for your body, mind and spirit.

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Why do I write about wellness?

Wellness and personal growth topics are of great interest to me. For years, I’ve been on a spiritual journey through writing and sitting in quiet. Recently, I’ve decided to focus on my physical health by working out and eating…better. (That’s the hardest part for this lover of all things fried, salty and cheesy!) I love researching these topics, speaking with experts and motivating my readers with the information I find. When The South Asian Buzz needed an editor for their Wellness & Personal Growth section, I happily took the position. And now I get to work with their wonderful contributors and an editorial calendar filled with engaging, powerful content.

Thanks for reading!