Friday nights are family movie nights. There is just nothing else the 5 of us want to do after the go-go-go of a school and work week. We wake up on Friday mornings excited to get through the day so we can turn on some Netflix and cuddle up on the couch.

Obviously with the kids in on movie nights, we have to watch something that’s appropriate for them (and they range from 3 years to 10 years). What’s worked well for us is each week the kids take turns choosing a movie. It still has to work for the other two, but our youngest is actually really good at non-animated movies, and my older two are known to sit fixated for a movie like Moana. As a family we have loved Monster Trucks, Pete’s Dragon, Are We There Yet?, Finding Dory, Into the Woods, The BFG…and many more! It’s never difficult for us to find a movie that works for all of us. This system works well for the whole family and movie nights are generally my favourite of the week.

Once the kids go to bed, the hubs and I get the couch and the remote to ourselves. Which sounds lovely. Except we have some very differing preferences when it comes to entertainment. His most recent favourite movies on Netflix have included: Mechanic: Resurrection, The Saint, London Has Fallen and Planet of the Apes.  And mine: Amar, Eat Pray Love and The Ugly Truth.

Here’s How We Do Movie Nights Post Kids-Bedtime

1. We flip to compromise mode and scroll till we pick something we both like. Hidden Figures was a recent winner! Sometimes we scroll for a long time until I threaten him to pick something quick; if we start a movie past 9:30 I am guaranteed to not finish it. Movies we’ve compromised on in the past include: The Intern, Seven Pounds, Friends with Benefits and The Notebook.

2. I bribe him with a plate of my famous nachos. No, really. It’s not that hard to get him to do anything for a plate of ooey, gooey cheesy nachos.

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3. If we just can’t find anything we’re both in the mood for, we skip the movie and opt for a series we’re watching together instead. Because the truth? We usually watch a movie on Saturdays, too, after the kids go to bed! So, if Friday nights ends up being a night to catch up on Aziz Ansari’s Master of None then we’re pretty happy to do that, too. Lately, our favourite series is This is Us. Oh my gosh, have you SEEN it?

4. I talk him into something, like a documentary, by telling him how much it will benefit our lives. It’s for the good of the family. That gets him every time. He’s got such a wonderful heart and I definitely take advantage of this. P.S. Watching Forks Over Knives got him to quit his weekly hamburger. I am practically saving his life with my love of Netflix documentaries.

5. I tell him that watching certain movies gives me fodder for my blog. It’s for my work. So, how can he not support my work, right? It’s true that this is a bit of a stretch. But if I’m in the mood for a foreign film to exercise my Spanish-listening-ear, and I also happen to write about travel and language learning, then it kind of all goes together. So, I’m not lying. I’m a writer so basically EVERYTHING I am curious about is important to my work. (Hopefully this is one post he doesn’t read).

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I know we’re not the only matrimonial match that has to compromise over Netflix entertainment – what do you do when you want to watch something but your partner wants to watch pretty much the opposite thing? I’d love to hear your ideas!

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