The laundry drives me nuts. I have tried to keep on top of it but with each passing year I am failing miserably. Between school clothes, work clothes, wear-around-the-house clothes, pyjamas, uniforms, workout gear and the extra changes from the occasional spill…it’s never ending. (Towels. I forgot towels). The one consistent thing that pulls me out of a laundry-induced bad mood is a playlist of awesome music…songs that literally move me to get the job done.

So, for the readers of YMC, I put together a playlist of my favourite songs from different times in my life. Though some of the music is really old, I can assure you I am not that old. I just happen to have been born in the wrong musical era.

Do you listen to music, too, when you’re doing housework? What chore requires it? And what’s on your playlist?

Have a listen to mine on YMC and let me know if we share any. As a side note, you’ll notice that a couple of mine are Spanish. I’m currently learning the language and find that listening to music is a fun way to train my ear. I also like pulling up the lyrics in Spanish and English and matching up the words I know. Both of these songs have English or half-English versions. But you really should listen to them in their native language – they almost feel like different songs.

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