There’s a pull I cannot ignore. It’s strong and also familiar. And if I had to give it a voice it would match my mom’s firm one with a sense of urgency. Like when she would give me her advice when she thought I might be headed in the wrong direction. Wanting to get through to me so badly that there was almost a hint of panic. I don’t feel panicked or fearful when I sense this message; I’m whole-heartedly jumping into it because I know the enormous potential it holds for me to live, truly live, a life that leaves me smiling in the end.

I first heard it on a dance floor and since then I’ve been holding onto it like a precious gem.

On a dance floor with my love looking at me that way, with the music that I love pouring into my soul, I was called to live a life of intentional FUN.

I haven’t been denying myself fun, necessarily, and I can’t say there is a lack of it in the grand scheme of things. I have many moments of laughter, friendship, and connection, and I love the business I am creating as a writer. But there are certain things that I have a special personal relationship with that I don’t indulge in. Like, if I were to strip away all the roles I play: mom, wife, sister, daughter, friend…and just be Taslim…there are some things that are just my jam that don’t get much attention.

So, this year, I’m changing the focus a little, and I’d like to let you in on the ride. I used to have a blog called The Finer Things in Life (formerly called The Artist’s Review). It didn’t last long because I had a hard time keeping up with 3 blogs, but I’d like to revive it in some form right here on Let ME Out!! The Finer Things was essentially a place where I reviewed books, artist events, and dining experiences, and I really can’t see why those thoughts couldn’t be shared here – a space where I encourage you to live creatively and authentically. I may have to do a little housekeeping around here, rearrange some furniture so to speak, so that you can find what you’d like to read more easily. I’m really excited to rekindle my spark with my Self – my true Self – and though it may push me out of my comfort zone slightly, I hope that by sharing that part of me with you, I inspire you to look inward to who you truly are, and let her out to play a little more.

I’ll be posting here but also on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook so if we’re not already hanging out on those channels, please say ‘hi’ there! I’ll be using #TaslimsYearofFun to tag the big and little things that I will be infusing fun into. I think that just by intentionally focusing on this 3-letter word, I’ll find it in more places than I dreamed of.

Do you have a word of the year? I’d love to hear it! Leave it in the comments – and I wish you all the best with your intentions for the year, and excellent health to carry them out.

Happy New Year!

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