When I got my iPhone 6 I wasn’t thinking I would download more than the typical social media apps. And I didn’t for a long time. People would tell me about this app or that app, and I’d be like, “Yeah, I don’t have time for that.” And it’s true – there are some really strange apps out there that I think are just a huge time suck.

BUT I have downloaded 3 recently that I am very excited about so I thought I’d share them with you.

  1. Duo Lingo – I mentioned this one on my Facebook page a little while ago. This is an app that teaches you another language! When I overheard another blogger talking about learning German before her big move to Germany, I was like, excuse me, what? There’s an app for that? And yes, there is. I’ve been learning Italian for a few weeks now, mostly every day, about 10 minutes at a time. And it is SO FUN! I’m picking up a lot and feel like my brain is actually growing a little instead of shrinking (due to my case of Mommy Brain 3.0). I love languages and this app is rocking my world. My kids have now joined in on the fun and have been learning French for the past 3 days. And even my two year old, who is usually hanging around as we’re practicing, will chime in with her favourite phrase, “Io sono una donna!” (I am a woman). “I’m making Italian for you, Mommy!”
  2. Map My Walk – I just downloaded this a few days ago and have to admit, I haven’t actually used it yet but I think it’s pretty awesome that I can bring up routes in my neighbourhood that others have tracked. Besides dancing, walking is my favourite form of exercise and I think this app will make it fun and easy to track my progress.
  3. Goodreads – I have had an account with Goodreads for years but never really used it much because it was one more thing I had to sign onto on my computer. But now that I have the app, look out! I’m adding books to my bookshelves left, right and centre! I love that I have a convenient and organized way to keep track of the books I have read (and rate/review them if I wish), books I want to read, and the book(s) I’m currently reading. There’s also the option of ‘friend’ing people, forming groups, checking out books that are recommended for you based on what you have already read etc. It’s like virtual heaven for a book-lover. If you’d like to friend me, go ahead! I’d love to know what you’re reading.

Which apps do you love and why?

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