A couple days ago, my family and I were out with some new friends on their boat (always nice to make friends with people who have a boat). Out in the middle of the lake, the wind whipping our hair about, my friend held onto my little girl on her lap, leaned in and asked, “Does she go to preschool this fall?”

“No,” I replied. “She’s still in daycare. She just goes twice a week so I can get some work done.” I realize that I always explain to people why my daughter goes to daycare, and that she only goes a minimal amount of time. Isn’t that strange?

“Oh, so you work part time?” she asked.

“Yup, from home. I’m a writer.” I felt that familiar buzz flow through me as I said the words. It still is rather dreamy to say out loud. And then I braced myself for the follow-up question because it always comes and I never know how to answer it.

“What do you write?”

And I don’t know, dear Readers. Maybe it was the fresh air. Maybe it was the sun glinting off the lake and throwing itself all over me. Maybe it was just being so present in that moment, and truly in love with what was happening right then. But the words came.

Some of them may have gotten lost over the motor and the children’s laughing and our husbands’ chatter from one end of the boat to the other. But the words came out like one big exhale.

I’m a blogger, and I write about living a creative, authentic and kind life. Through my blog and social media, I work with brands to promote ideas and products that my readers care about. I also do some freelance writing for my local paper, and I enter writing contests. And this fall, I’m launching writing classes through Semiahmoo Arts; I’m teaching people how to use writing as a way to connect with themselves.

Hallelujah! It’s like I found myself out there on the water. I didn’t trip over my spiel, or minimize what I do.

If you’re having trouble answering that question – or any other question, may I suggest you get as far away from it as possible and take a look at it from a distance? It’s a lot easier to see the whole, big, beautiful thing.

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