I truly believe that each of us have come here with a purpose, or even many purposes. There’s a reason we are who we are, why we care about the things we do, why we’re skilled in certain areas and curious about particular things. I don’t think our reasons for being here are as elusive as we attribute them to be. The more in touch we are with our authentic selves, the easier it is to bring experiences into our lives that give us fulfillment. When we use those experiences to benefit others, we achieve a sense of purpose.

I have also learned the importance of surrounding myself with people who inspire me, and offer me some kind of growth. This has actually been kind of cyclical for me; the more I engage in activities that fulfill me, the more of these kinds of people I meet. Then it seems my new connections bring something out in me, or guide me somehow, to another set of experiences that adds to my life.

Leading Moms is like that. This daytime event includes an incredible lineup of women who are entrepreneurs, activists, artists, innovators and moms. Each woman will talk on this year’s theme ‘childhood’, and we’ll get to hear the stories from their past that inspired their present. I love this event because it opens my eyes to another way of doing things, gives me ideas on how to balance motherhood and my dreams, and allows me to meet other women who are finding their way, and purpose, in this world.

This year’s lineup includes keynotes Tara Teng (Miss World Canada 2012 & Human Rights Activist), Miyoung Lee (Host & Producer at CBC News Vancouver) and Dr. Vanessa LaPointe (Registered Psychologist & Bestselling Author). I’m also excited to hear from Ranbir Puar (Founder of Spirituality for Reality Inc & TedX Speaker), Nicole Oliver (Actor, Director & Producer), Elaine Tan Comeau (Founder of Easy Daysies & 2014 Canadian Mompreneur of the Year), Bobs and Lolo (Songwriters/Children’s Entertainers), Erin Treloar (Founder of RAW Beauty Talks), and Sabrina Furminger (Journalist).

You can get to know each speaker in 30 seconds when you click on their bio – these videos were fun to watch and have me anticipating their talks even more!

If this event sounds like it’s just what you need right now – whether you’re at the beginning of your self-discovery journey, going full steam-ahead, or simply wanting to get out and meet other women – grab your tickets while the early bird prices are in effect. You can use coupon code LMTaslim for an additional $10 off.

Let me know if I’ll see you on Friday September 23 at the Vancity Theatre in Vancouver!

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