When someone asks me, “How often do you write?” I never know how to answer that. That’s because when I’m not physically engaged in the act of writing (or typing), I’m still writing. I take note of topics for future posts or articles in my head, which is risky because, Mom Brain 3.0, or in a palm-sized notebook that I keep in my purse. Sentences or sometimes paragraphs start forming themselves in my thoughts no matter what I’m doing at the time. Usually during something inconvenient like showering, washing dishes or cooking.

Today I thought I’d share with you 3 pieces of writing I’ve published outside of this blog in the last month or so. I also share some of my work on my Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram so if we aren’t socializing there, then I’d love to start!

Publishing outside of my blog is still nerve-wracking for me at times. I had a bubble-shattering experience of posting a vulnerable piece and getting torn to bits by readers. It ended up being a turning point in my work, for the better, but it left me aware of the consequences of putting myself out there.

Thanks in advance for reading – and if there’s something you particularly enjoyed, please feel free to let me know in the comments section here, or on the publications themselves.

  1. Where Did All The Children Go? is about letting our kids out to play, and all the drama that often surrounds that. This piece got picked up by News Talk 980 CKNW and I got to talk about it on air a little bit. Later, I saw the post on HuffPost Parent’s Facebook page. I guess this is a hot topic!
  2. My New Mantra: Grey Hair, Don’t Care was also published on The Yummy Mummy Club and this was a really fun piece to write! I loved the responses on both sides of the fence, and I even got some cute tweets from readers with proud pics of their greys, asking to join the society. What society? You’ll have to read it to find out!
  3. Seeing Beyond Our Differences was my latest column in Peace Arch News. Once a month, I send in my thoughts about ‘building bridges’ – why it’s important, how we can do it, what it looks like. This column makes my creative Self so happy because I finally have an outlet for all the things I’ve thought about since childhood with regards to race/cultural/human relations. Have a read – this piece comes with a book recommendation for any fellow bookworms out there!

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