Every night this week as I lay in bed, waiting for my bedroom to cool down enough so I can fall asleep, something creeps up through my abdomen and settles around my heart. At the same time, something flutters in my throat, and reaches my eyes that are wide-open staring at the wall.

I think it might be nervousness. I don’t want to say ‘fear’ because fear is really big, and this shouldn’t be big.

I mean, I’ve birthed 3 babies, drug-free, knowing each time that it would hurt. A lot. And the second and third times, I knew exactly what ‘hurt a lot’ meant. I don’t think I was this nervous for the births as I am for tomorrow.

Tomorrow I’m getting a couple of old fillings removed and then refilled. I can’t remember exactly why I have to do this because I stopped listening to the dentist when she explained I would need a follow-up appointment. I haven’t had a follow-up appointment with the dentist since I was like, 9. So, yeah, I guess my fillings are pretty old.

So, here’s what I was thinking last night. I know what I need to help me get through this simple, yet for some reason terrifying, procedure. I need…a dental doula.

Yes, a dental doula.

Someone to hold my hand, someone whose eyes I can stare deep into when the panic sets in. Someone who will know exactly what to say to get me to focus, or to distract me – whatever it is I need at the time.

Imagine dental doula services. I mean, it’s brilliant, right? I’m not the only one who feels uncomfortable with the idea of needles and other machinery jabbing into a very sensitive region. Some people might be happy paying someone for a little emotional support and grounding.

Because I mean, it’s not just the actual procedure that I’m thinking about. What about after? What about when the freezing wears off? I have 3 children, people. It’s never actually quiet or sane around here. Even if my husband is home (which he won’t be until like literally midnight that night), we are still outnumbered.

I need a post-dental doula. Someone to come, handle the children, prepare dinner. Heck, she can even bathe them and kiss them goodnight.

Because I don’t know. I might just need to lie on the couch.

It might sound like I’m being funny, but that’s only partly true. Businesses are born from brilliant people seeing a need and filling the void. Why not this?

(Wait. I should Google to see if this actually already exists. One sec.)

Holy crap. You need to go Google. Now.

I may be a little late to the game, but at least I can feel brilliant.

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