To-Do List. Sounds daunting to most of us, and that’s because it’s a never-ending list. If we include work + family + personal care + household maintenance + social calendar…we’re just never caught up.

I have to say, though, that although I don’t have as many ‘checks’ as I’d like next to the scribbled points in my agenda (yes, I’m all paper and pen when it comes to these things), I’m quite enjoying my to-do list. I will not get everything done today that I had hoped (I actually wasn’t planning on blogging today, but couldn’t let this thought float away without pinning it down here), but what I will get done, and what I will transfer over to tomorrow or later this week, I’m lucky to have to do.

You won’t catch me dreading writing stories or my next column or the outline for my upcoming writing workshop. I won’t groan when I have to schedule social media posts or read articles in my genre.

Adding soil to my indoor plants…that doesn’t suck so much.

A quick tea with a friend followed by a walk with another friend. Yeah, that’s not rough either.

Of course my life also consists of changing diapers, listening to whining, refereeing 3 children, responding to their 3 separate ’emergencies’ at the same time, making decisions and other adult-y kinds of things.

But having ‘writing’ be a big part of my life, identifying as a writer and just openly being who I am has carried me through way more difficult times.

What’s on your to-do list that just feels amazing? What says ‘I’m being authentic?’ on your list of things to check off?

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