Are you worthy of the goals you have set? Are you worthy of the dreams that give you butterflies in your tummy? Are you worthy of the love you seek? Are you worthy of the time to take care of yourself and do what makes you happy?

How you answer these questions is important. I know you know what you are supposed to say (that would be ‘yes’), but does that ‘yes’ resound in your core? Do you say ‘yes’ with certainty or do you hesitate a bit? Do you say ‘yes’ but then somehow sabotage situations so that you remain distant from your goals, dreams, time and love?

It’s the new year and like everyone else, you’ve probably thought about how this year is going to be different. You say that January mantra of ‘new year, new me’ or ‘this will be my BEST year yet.’ Maybe this will be the year you launch your career or business. Maybe this will be the year you find someone who treats you well. Maybe this will be the year you get your health back on track.

The thing is, believing you are worth it is that piece of the puzzle that needs to be there for the whole picture to fall into place.

My friend, Dr. Saira Sabzaali, is transformational when it comes to unearthing your beliefs and shifting them so that they serve you better. I know that because she’s not just my friend but also my counsellor. I’ve sat with her 1:1 and worked through blocks that kept me from feeling present in my relationships, and she helped me work through fears that were preventing me from feeling peace within myself. 

I also attended a workshop she held on Passions; it was just the right amount of structured introspection and spontaneous discussion that came out of the group interaction. She’s an engaging speaker with powerful messages and so many people have benefited from her work. That workshop allowed me to see the role of following my passions in my life and I still apply the tools she gave me. I feel really lucky to have her in my life!

Being a mom of 2 young kids, Dr. Saira can also empathize with many of us who struggle to find balance between ‘doing’ for the family and ‘being’ who we are outside of parenthood. She brings that empathy to all of our conversations and I know her clients and workshop participants appreciate being understood.

So, I’m really glad she is starting her workshops up again now that her youngest is a little lady, and she is bringing everything she has learnt and experienced to her new workshop series: The Journey to Wholeness.

Here’s a blurb from her brochure that best explains the upcoming workshop on Worthiness.

“How can you change a situation where you feel small?

How can you feel ‘worth it’ in the midst of world change, community upheaval and family discontent? Is strong personal value and high self-esteem even attainable when things around you are changing so quickly and constantly? We know intellectually the importance of worthiness, yet so often we doubt, ignore or belittle ourselves and our own inner compass. No matter what your story or the challenge you are looking to overcome, an answer is here!

Join us for a day of learning about worthiness and its impact on healthy human development. Come ready to learn and challenge your assumptions about why you are how you are!”

The workshop is going to take place at the Fairmont Waterfront in Vancouver, B.C. on Saturday February 6, 2016 from 9 am to 5 pm.

Tickets are regularly $150 but for my readers, Dr. Saira has offered a discount of $25. Simply call 604-339-7862 or email and mention you are a Let ME Out!! reader.

This offer is valid until Wednesday Jan. 6 at 9 pm PST.

Dr. Saira would be a great tool in your journey to wholeness!

taslim jaffer, let me out creative