Happy Thursday, dear Readers! And yes, I will continue with my countdown…just over a week until Christmas break! And by the time we go back to school in the new year the days will be a little longer which might make this whole herding-3-kids-around thing a little easier. Speaking of which, I don’t have a lot of time to spit this out before picking up the kids and going to the ice rink so here goes!

I’m linking up again with Pink Chai Living, Love Laugh Mirch and The Write Balance to share with you 3 things from my week as part of #3ThingsThursday. I try to pick a theme each week (but you don’t have to), and this post is about meeting people.

One: Nat, Drew, Erin and Scooter!

If you’re a 103.5 QMFM listener, you know exactly who I’m talking about. I listen to this station every day – and now that they play Christmas music all the time, I tune in even if I’m just driving down the street to pick up my kids from school. Why I love this team in particular, though, is they make me LOL like for real. Like, I’m giggling and driving. They are funny and tasteful (not always two things that go together, but a preferred combination if you ask me) and also incredibly compassionate. If you’re an animal lover, you’re going to want to give Nat and Drew’s Pet Page a like for sure. Anyway, this morning I got to meet them at Guildford Town Centre where they were broadcasting live from Toy Mountain. I gave you the scoop on why I think Toy Mountain is a fabulous initiative last week and as planned I spent a few hours at the mall this morning.

It was awesome to get to meet these 4 – they were really sweet off air, too. In fact, as we were exchanging business cards, I ended up digging through my mom-purse-filled-with-crap for like a good 10 minutes (felt like it anyway…actually, felt way longer) while I tried to find my fancy business card holder. They were totally cool and made me feel less like a crazy mom-purse carrier. (Side note: I really need to switch bags when I don’t have kids with me.)

And here we are – don’t I fit right in? Like, perhaps I could be a part of their team? 😉

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Two: Gabby Bernstein!

If you follow me on Instagram or are part of my Facebook community, you already know that I met Gabrielle Bernstein in Vancouver last weekend. LOVED her talk, and I have been to many personal development events. I have to say, she was a remarkable speaker – totally real and honest with a good dose of humour. Her tips on fuelling happiness were all practical and I definitely felt my spirit connect with her energy.

She was lovely to meet when she signed my copy of her book, Spirit Junkie. I asked her who the artist was who sang the songs we listened to during the two group meditations. She told me to follow her on Soundify or something…I thought she said Spidie fy (and I was thinking, wha?? Spiderman??). I don’t even know if it’s Soundify. My friends clarified for me (and laughed at me), but now I can’t remember what they said. Anyway, Gabby was brilliant and I’m fortunate I got to spend my Saturday evening with her and some of my beautiful friends.

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Three: My friends meeting each other!

Just as cool as me meeting people I admire, is when my friends meet each other. The people I am close to are just awesome beings and as such they should all know each other. So I was so happy when Sidra, Alexis, and Jamie got to meet at the Gabby event; afterward, the 4 of us found a place to eat and have great conversation.

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And that’s a wrap on my #3ThingsThursday post! If you’re a blogger and want to link up, just visit one of the hosts and drop your link! Thanks for reading!

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