Make the writer in your life speechless this Christmas by gifting him or her with these awesome ideas. Then leave them alone so they can wear stretchy pants, curl up under a blanket and get back to the novel they’re reading (or writing).

One: A shirt with words on it.

It’s pretty much a given that writers love words. We like our words on everything, especially if they’re empowering and make people say….yeah, that’s awesome. May I suggest a shirt or two from West + Wind? I have this one that says Like A Boss, but I could always use another.

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Two: A notepad for when the ideas strike!

But not just any notepad, because we have too many of those. How about a waterproof one? You know we get our BEST ideas at the most inconvenient times, showering being one of them. With Aqua Notes, you can’t go wrong.

Three: Scrabble, but not Scrabble…Bananagrams!

We writers already have Scrabble, but would love a word game that we can take anywhere and not have to worry about a playing board. Look at this awesomeness in a banana-shaped bag! We can grab a word-nerd friend and shut the world out for hours.

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Four: A book…about writing!

I personally recommend Stephen King’s On Writing awhile back because it’s totally inspiring. It’s the kind of book that makes a writer kick back into gear, or offers a novice tips on getting started. Intertwined with King’s memoirs, this book will be a hit with any writer (if they haven’t already read it yet, that is. Get a gift receipt – we love those, too, because then we can go back and choose any book we haven’t read).

Five: A gift card to a local bookstore.

This is ALWAYS on my list. The only problem with it is there are so many choices! But I do love the flexibility of buying something off my long list. Never a bad idea.

Six: Writing-related jewelry.

I can’t wait to finish this post so I can resume drooling over this Pinterest board FULL of jewelry ideas for writers. Holy smokes.

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Seven: A gift card to a healthy, gourmet frozen food joint.

Writing can be very engrossing. It can take us away from activities like sleeping, eating and wearing appropriate clothing. Don’t let the writer in your life wither away – get them a gift card to a place like batch. They can order meals ahead of time to store in their freezer and then when they realize it’s dinner time, they will thank you while their meal warms up!

Eight: Inspiration…via dice!

Here’s a little something I found while snooping around on Etsy. (Writers call that research). For those moments when writer’s block creates a vast void (and a blank page), all your writer friend has to do is roll the dice and have a story prompted right out of them.

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Nine: Tea.

Or coffee, I suppose. But, say, if you were buying for THIS writer, you’d buy tea. Like DAVIDsTEA or Tea India. It just pairs well with all things literary: reading, writing, wearing shirts with words on them.

Ten: Tickets to a play.

Just like we like reading other people’s words, we also like seeing them played out on stage. So drag your writer friend out from behind their computer screen or away from their notebook and treat them to a night on the town.

There you have it! My personal wish list  holiday guide for your favourite writer makes your shopping easy and your writer friend’s eyes light right up!

Happy shopping – and don’t forget to grab a little something for yourself.

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