Good morning, dear Readers! It is a chilly Thursday over here on the West Coast…brrrrr!! If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve seen one of my winter traditions: I lay all the kids’ (and my!) jackets, toques and mitts down on the floor in front of the fireplace so they get all toasty by the time we have to head out the door. The first thing I do when I get downstairs is flick the fireplace switch, and after a whoooshhh the flames shoot up, the first thing to light up my morning. And in that one glow-y moment I think…Is it Christmas break yet?

Today I’m linking up again with Pink Chai Living, Love Laugh Mirch and The Write Balance for #3ThingsThursday. If you’re a blogger who wants to share 3 things on your mind today, go visit one of their sites and add your link!

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Since November is coming to a close, I thought it would be fun to look back on the month and see what your favourite 3 posts were. And here they are in order of popularity:

One: You guys really loved…self-love! In this post I shared a beautiful quote from Victoria Moran (author of Lit From Within: Tending Your Soul For Life-Long Beauty) and then walked you through Victoria’s references of what self-love looks like. Self-love is central to the happiness in our lives so it’s important that we truly understand what it means and how we go about practicing it. If you missed it, have a read!

Two: In this post, I looked back on my decision to leave speech-language pathology and become a freelance writer. Do I regret it? Am I happier? Many of you shared your thoughts in the comments – thank you!

Three: And finally, following closely behind the other two favourite posts, was my intention for 2016. At first I thought it was too early to be writing about the new year, but you all seem to be thinking about it too! Actually, I saw on Facebook that there’s 37 more days left of 2015. So, perhaps today would be a good day to pop over and have a read and then leave a comment with your own intention/guiding word. I’d love to hear it!

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