People are curious…about other people! Some are so curious they end up getting a degree in Psychology (like yours truly) and others simply ask a lot of questions. “How are you?” “What do you do for work?” “Why do you do that?” “What do you do for fun?” “What was it like to grow up in another country?” “What movies do you like?” And it goes on. Really, the art of getting to know each other is based on spending time together, observing behaviours and asking questions.

Guess who else we’re really curious about? OURSELVES! We take these random online quizzes to learn about our personality type, our perfect career, our spirit animal, and even which Sex and the City character we are most like. We love learning about ourselves and we should. Because if we know what makes us tick, if we know what brings us down, if we know what fills our life with purpose, we can forge an authentic path. And you know how much happier you are when you are being true to yourself!

When was the last time you spent time with yourself? Unplugged, I mean. Truly been present with yourself. When was the last time you turned your attention to your own behaviours and asked YOURSELF questions?

I’ve been journalling for 27 years so I know something about talking to myself. I know about questioning and observing. And spending time with myself is one of my favourite things! I have found this practice to be ground-breaking at times and pure fun at other times. But most importantly, it’s allowed me to make decisions that create a life and a legacy that I am happy with.

Asking yourself questions is simple; answering them can be a journey. I’ve made it a little more simple and a little more of a structured road for you by creating What If…?: 52 Questions Designed for an Entire Year of Self-Discovery.

It’s a portable journal with 52 questions that will have you thinking about your values, the lessons you’ve learned and your dreams for the future. Knowing these parts of yourself will help you make choices for your own best outcome.

Although this journey can begin at any time, with a new year coming up many of us are thinking about our intentions for 2016. If your intention is to know yourself better, live more authentically, add more joy and purpose to your life, consider picking one of these up. The What If…? journal also makes a great Christmas gift, birthday gift or just-because gift.

I don’t want to sell you on self-discovery. You know when you’re ready for it. It looks different for everyone. But I’m sharing because I’m passionate about creativity, authenticity and kindness – and this journey is all of that rolled into one!

Here’s a ‘what if’ question for you to answer in the comments (from the book): What if you had to leave behind all your worldly possessions except one? What would you take with you?

I’d love to hear your answers!

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