Every once in awhile a story comes my way that touches me deep in the heart. It’s not that there’s a lack of stories that deserve our attention, but when someone comes to me personally and opens up about a friend in a situation like this, I feel thankful that I can use my voice to share their message.

Today’s post is about Skyler Kash Kendall, just over a year old, who is undergoing treatment for a golf-sized malignant tumour that was recently removed from his brain. At the time of his diagnosis, the family was living in Spain where his dad, Levon Kendall, played basketball for Gran Canaria. I’ll let you read all the details about little Skyler’s treatment requirements, his successes and his continued needs in this article published in The Province.

As a mom, my whole world turns upside down when my kids are going through something with their health. I’m fairly used to the common cold now, but it still isn’t fun to see my kids fight bugs. So, imagining cancer treatments and driving back and forth from Ronald McDonald House every week as the Kendalls have to do, and all of the uncertainty that goes with a diagnosis like this is very difficult. My heart goes out to this mama and papa.

And of course, there’s little Skyler. Seriously, what a cutie…

I have faith that Skyler is going to do really well. He just learned to walk recently which is astounding for someone in his condition. Sounds like a real tough cookie who is always making his parents smile and giving them reason to stay hopeful.

I know there are many ways you can help your local community with what you have after taking care of your own family; I encourage that thoughtfulness and hope those blessings are returned to you and your family manifold.

If you are looking for a way to help out another family, please consider giving to Skyler’s GoFundMe account. Treatment is expensive and the family has to have it done across the border at the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance Proton Therapy Center.

On behalf of Skyler’s parents and their friend who brought this to my attention, thanks for reading and for your positive thoughts!

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