A Tender Moment With A Lasting Impression

“Mama! Come, come! I just found the mossiest tree! You will love it – you LOVE mossy trees!”

I followed my 5 year old son to the edge of the forest, he on his too-small bike with his Spiderman helmet leading the way. Already I could feel myself filling with emotion. I do love mossy trees. I love their coats of green life upon life, identifying the trees as perfect homes. I love the warm look, the springy, soft feel. I also love them in a way I can’t describe in words. Sometimes there’s no reason why the soul is drawn to what it is. Nothing we understand. That’s how I feel about mossy trees.

I guess my kids have caught on to that.

At the edge of the forest, my son jumped off his bike and grabbed my hand. “It’s up here,” he murmured as he kept his eye on his footing, making his way up the slight incline. Surrounded now by cloaked giants, amusement set in. Which one was the mossiest? Which one had jerked my son’s thoughts away from his play and to his mom?

Unsuccessfully navigating around spiderwebs, I held my breath and pulled silk from my arms, praying that the inhabitants hadn’t accidentally found their way down the back of my shirt. We ventured onward, stepping over roots, and ended up on the mulchy trail.

“Here it is, Mom! See! I told you it’s mossy!”

My reaction was perhaps a little over-done as I gasped and clapped my hands and smiled up to my eyes. It was indeed mossy, just like the dozens of other trees, several spiderwebs back. But this moment deserved a bit of fanfare. It wasn’t just the sight of the tree that was awesome; my son had been immersed in play with other young boys, pretending to be guardians of this sacred space, building forts for the ‘good guys’ but something whispered to him his mama’s name when he came across this beauty.

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The countless times I gushed about these twisted trunks and carried on about loving these beasts, my son was absorbing bits and pieces of my sparkly soul. These bits and pieces made their way into his heart and all over this forest. And these bits and pieces will outlive me. This, I know.

There’s a fancy word for this and it’s ‘legacy.’ My legacy – a part of it anyway – will live in moss-covered trees. And I am so good with that. I may never make a huge impact on the local or global community. But my kids know the things that are important to me. And as we grow together, I will keep sharing those parts of me.

Mamas and Papas! As you get to know your children for who they are, make sure they know who you are too. Among the directives and schedules and responsible things, add some soul. Marvel out loud. Share your hopes. Spill your dreams. And do. Do the things that make you happy – little silly things, big bold things.

Sprinkle the bits and pieces of your sparkly soul over everything.

12 thoughts on “A Tender Moment With A Lasting Impression

    1. Hi Louise – thanks for your comment! Yes, you nailed it – and it is so important to let them in on ours. For one thing, it helps them to see us as people (not just parents)…and when they become parents it will help them remember that it is ok for them to be people, too.

    1. Thank you, dear Carolyn <3 This one spilled right out of me. I feel like I can never take full credit for those. It felt good to write a post like this, one I hope my son will cherish as well. Thanks for stopping by!

  1. I believe ‘slow down to smell the roses’ is appropriate. Who knows how that can change the journey! It can only enrich the experience. Nicely written. Small, yet oh so big, moments!

    1. Thanks, Kamana! So glad that that resonated with you. I ended up creating a poster with that quote. I’ll be sure to tag you with it on Facebook so you see it!

  2. You are so right, it did deserve a lot of fanfare! It takes a lot to take a 5-year old away from playing, but obviously there is a lot of you in your son. Kindness, thoughtfulness and inner beauty.

    1. Oh, Salma, that is a really sweet comment <3 I appreciate your kind words. My son blows me away - all my kids do...love comes pretty easy for them!

  3. Your post has sparked my imagination as well as that of your son. Mossy trees are wonderful. How great that your love has been absorbed by your child. I like the fact that he sees himself as a guardian of our silent fellow life-forms.

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