Video: The Story Behind Make-A-Wave Cards And How You Can Help End SMA

I’m back after a bit of a hiatus! And first thing I’m doing is jumping way the heck out of my comfort zone by a) playing with technology b) watching and hearing myself on a video camera and c) sharing the results with…everyone.

Some of you know that I created a line of cards a few years back that have travelled the world. These inspirational cards have been passed on to loved ones and strangers, sharing messages and making people smile.

But did you know that Make-A-Wave cards do more than that? I share the longer story in this post, but in a nutshell, every time I sell a pack online I donate $5 to a charity. Some of the charities have been readers’ choices, others have been mine.

From now through July 15, 2015 I am supporting The Gwendolyn Strong Foundation in honour of Florence Marigold Evanow who I wrote about here. The GSF provides research dollars to finding a cure for Spinal Muscular Atrophy – and they are never giving up!

I got over myself and created this video because I really believe in the power and magic of these cards. Have a look and share! Also if you have a charity that is close to your heart that you would like to see benefit from the sale of these cards, please contact me.


4 thoughts on “Video: The Story Behind Make-A-Wave Cards And How You Can Help End SMA

  1. Thanks Taslim for supporting SMA! My daughter, Maliyah has SMA and it’s so wonderful to hear about people like you who want to make a difference!!! Way to go!!! Farah

    1. Hi Farah – thank you so much for your comment! Sending lots of love to you and Maliyah…#nevergiveup. So many people are working hard to end SMA! <3

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