Thought I’d have some fun with plays on words. Why? Because English is a fun language. You can take a body part, like a cheek, add another letter and end up with an adjective that means kind of rude but in a sort of funny way. You can also take that word ‘cheek’ and use it to refer to another body part. Like, butt cheek. You can also put your tongue in your cheek, figuratively speaking. In which case, you are saying something that could mean something else. As someone who learned English as a second language I am so thankful I learned it early enough that all its crazy rules and exceptions to the rules were absorbed easily.

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1. Happy Baby Cheeks

This sweet company is a sponsor for the upcoming Top 30 Vancouver Mom Blogger event and I think they deserve a little attention! They’re kind of the answer to a parent’s prayer: a cloth diaper service that will take away all your soiled diapers and leave you with some clean ones! Every week! If you have toyed with the idea of going cloth but are hesitant about any extra cleaning/laundry, check them out and see if they’re a good fit. They also have a little e-store where you might find a baby shower gift or something for your little one’s…cheeks!

Find them on Facebook or check out their site.

2. She pointed to my cheek!!

My littlest, now 17 months, likes to point. A lot. One of her favourite games is when I ask, “Where’s my nose?” and she points to my nose. Or I ask, “Where’s my cheek?” and she points to my nose. Or, “Where’s my mouth?” and she points to my nose.

Throughout the game, I label the other parts of my face, but she’s very focused on my nose.

BUT, the other day I asked, “Where’s my cheek?” and she…started to point to my nose. Stopped. And with a tiny hint of a smile, moved her finger over to my cheek! I started shrieking! It doesn’t matter that she’s my third baby. Every little milestone or achievement or just the sheer baby-ness (now toddler-ness) of her is so amazing.

3. A duet I never saw coming!

Ok, did YOU ever think you’d see Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga share a stage? And they pulled it off in this fun, spunky rendition of Cheek to Cheek! (And apparently they have a whole album out? I must live under a rock). Check it out:

Have a fabulous Thursday!