A Weekend Getaway Sponsored By Springs RV Resort #LMOKindness

When Lori nominated her husband, Dan, to receive some #LMOKindness, I knew I wanted to be a part of this story. Dan had been an employee at IBM for over 20 years and was recently laid off. This transition, of course, had some repercussions for their single-income family, and Dan was in definite need of some Spirit-lifting! In speaking with Lori on the phone to get a better feeling for what Dan might need, I picked up on the idea that the whole family (Lori, Dan and their son) could use a change in scenery and some fun in an outdoor setting! Lori’s voice was full of hope for her husband, her son and herself; I am sure this will be the beginning of a new phase that brings them much prosperity and happiness!

To send them off on their new journey, our Kind Sponsor – Springs RV Resort, is hosting this family of 3 in one of their luxury RVs to enjoy all the amenities of their gated community resort. I had the pleasure of staying there last Summer with my husband and kids and we had the BEST time – so my heart is happy that Lori and her family will have a great weekend getaway!

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Springs RV Resort is the perfect lake escape only 90 minutes from anywhere in the Fraser Valley. The Resort is in the charming village of Harrison Hot Springs and just a leisurely stroll from the lake and beach. Designed for family fun and boasting a unique community with weekly summer activities, Springs RV has two outdoor swimming pools, brand new Whistler-style amenities, indoor clubhouse, outdoor games area, children’s play area and more.

Since I last visited, there have been many add-ons that I am sure Lori, Dan and their son will make good use of:

  • Brand new 3 story clubhouse
  • New adult pool and over-sized hot tub
  • Large heated family pool with hot tub
  • Spa-like bathrooms with heated tiles
  • 5 outdoor community fireplaces
  • Two bigscreen TV areas
  • Library with fireplace
  • Stone and cedar social pavillion for dinners and dances
  • Laundry room
  • Large treed playground
  • 1930s carousel
  • Walking trails, dog walk
  • Free WiFi and Shaw HotSpots

Find out why the kids think Springs RV Resort was voted one of the best in its class in North America, then give them a ‘like’ on Facebook to stay current:

…and check out this foodie talk about his outdoor kitchen! Can you smell the grill?


I want to thank our Kind Sponsor, Springs RV Resort, for donating an entire weekend of family fun to this much-deserving family. Please be sure to contact them if you want more information on overnight stays, seasonal leases and sites for purchase in their community at 1-604-796-9767.

Dan – you’re a hardworking, loving father and husband and we hope you are excited for your weekend away! Lori thinks you are so deserving of this act of kindness and that, in itself, is a great gift!

Don’t forget to pack your swimwear!

If you’d like to be a Kind Sponsor, please contact me directly. There are many ways to participate!


4 thoughts on “A Weekend Getaway Sponsored By Springs RV Resort #LMOKindness

  1. That is so awesome! Kudos to Springs RV Resort for their generous act and to Let Me Out Creative for facilitating this Act of Kindness! Best of luck to Dan and Lori, I hope things are looking up for your family very soon.

    1. So happy to be a part of this story – thanks Janice for your support and for your comment! They’re going to have a great time at the resort!

  2. Hats off to you for coordinating this Act of Kindness. I am sure the family really enjoyed their time together and Springs RV Resort looks amazing. I will def check this place for our next family trip. Inspired.

    1. Hi Kamana! I believe they are heading down next month and I can’t wait to hear how it goes! Perhaps I can ask for an update to share with you all! Thanks for stopping by!

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