First of all, YAY – it’s MAY! Best month ever, if you ask this Taurus. And mom. While my special day doesn’t come until next week, as soon as May hits, so does the nostalgia for birthdays past. That’s because in my home growing up, we didn’t just celebrate me, but also my brother and my mom.

I’m going to keep it short and sweet, and mostly wordless, because I think these pictures say it all.

Here we go – the birthday edition of #3ThingsThursday, a blogger linkup hosted by Pink Chai Living, The Write Balance and Love Laugh Mirch. If you want to link up, click on any of their sites and add your link to their #3ThingsThursday posts.

1. The very first birthday. The day I came into this world and made my parents, parents. Here I am with my mom and 2 grandmothers. I love that each of these women are a part of me and that I can see those parts shining through in so many ways. My maternal grandmother who is holding me is the only one still with me, although looking at this picture, it really feels like this circle of women surrounds me always.

2. And then along came this little dude. The day after my 3rd birthday, I became a big sister. Although I had been asking for a brother, I had actually wanted a BIG brother. Anyway, he may be 3 years younger than me but I do find myself turning to him for advice, favours, opinions and even writing help!

Pardon the blink - it was the 80s, and my parents couldn't try 23 times to get the perfect blink-less shot.

3 The pink and blue cake. And so because our special days were just a day apart, we had joint birthdays for as long as I can remember. Then he got too cool for me for a little while in high school, but we’re back to family birthday celebrations and I wouldn’t have it any other way. One of the best gifts I could ever ask for.

There you have it! I tried to be wordless, but how does a writer do that?

What does May hold for you? For those of you celebrating Mother’s Day without your mom, I’m sending you my love and hoping you find a way to honour her so that your souls get a chance to dance together.