I knew this book would be about a journey, but I had no idea it was actually a ‘real-life’ pilgrimage! Sonia Choquette details her journey to forgiveness along over 800 kilometres of mountains and country-side known as the Camino. One of the three major pilgrimages in the Catholic faith, this incredible undertaking begins in France at the foot of the Pyrenees and ends in Santiago, Spain. One’s reasons for this journey need not be religious or spiritual in any way – some people do it purely for sport. Whatever the motivation behind such a trek, I’m sure one cannot help but be changed in some way before the last kilometre is reached.

Sonia begins by painting a picture of what her life was like just before making the decision to do the Camino: two major deaths in her family which unlock deeply suppressed emotions, a disintegrating marriage and a lava-flow of anger that she cannot seem to manage or even understand. Upon the suggestion of an audience member at one of her speaking events, Sonia researches the Camino and, with a deep breath, makes the decision to register.

Reading this book, each chapter detailing the day’s events on the Camino, was like taking this 34 day pilgrimage with her. She examined thoughts, feelings, and past events with the open mind of a spiritual student and the heart of a human being: we can relate to being each of these at some points in our lives. The battle of spirit vs. human is played out in some parts; knowing what we must do but not always being ready to do it, felt like one of the great themes of this book. The fact that Sonia is an internationally known and respected spiritual guide and teacher made this book even more delicious. It is undeniably authentic. While reading along, I couldn’t help but have my spirit meld with Sonia’s at parts, identifying with those raw emotions even when the circumstances were completely different. The lessons that the Camino brings Sonia along the way are also gifts for the reader if he or she is willing to accept them.

I recommend Walking Home by Sonia Choquette (for kindle version, click here) to anybody who enjoys memoir, spiritual lessons, travel/adventure and history. And if you read it, do come back and let me know what you thought!



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