Hello hello! Welcome to this week’s edition of #3ThingsThursday, the first one of February! Ah, February. The month of ‘in-between’; we’re moving toward Spring, but not quite out of Winter. Christmas feels like a distant memory, but Summer too far in the distance to contemplate.

What does this second month of the year bring? Most of you probably have images of Cupids and hearts dancing in your head. Yes, we’ll be celebrating love and friendship in just over a week. And, perhaps you read my post yesterday – my son celebrated his 5th birthday and we are fundraising for Canuck Place Children’s Hospice! But today I am sharing with you some things outside of Valentine’s Day and birthdays, and bringing you another dimension of awesome!

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1. Family Day Celebration/Collaboration Between Chimp and Science World

Source: www.blog.chimp.net

Source: www.blog.chimp.net

Hooray! B.C. caught on a few years ago and we now have Family Day – a statutory holiday all about the fams. I LOVE having this day off right about now because like I said, Christmas is a distant memory and I sure could use a mini-break to hang with my favourite peeps! It’s my husband’s crazy(er) busy season at work; this one extra day tacked onto a weekend is the perfect little re-boot for the 5 of us.

This Family Day, there’s something really awesome happening at Science World! The Science of Giving is a one-day special event in collaboration with Chimp (remember – the online bank account that makes charitable giving easy and transparent). It’s a full day of exploring the different cause categories you care about: science, health, environment, animals, housing. Learn how to make charitable giving a part of your daily life and how you, as a family, can impact the world.

I am noticing a huge and truly spirit-lifting trend of parents consciously teaching their children the value of giving. Well, here is a fun and engaging tool for that journey! Admission is by suggested donation of $25 per family – and all proceeds will be DOUBLED (up to $25,000) to support Wonder, Science World’s new early-learners gallery.

You can register in advance HERE.

2. International Development Week

Source: www.akfc.ca/en/

Kids in AKFC’s early childhood education program in Bangladesh www.akfc.ca/en

Taking it to a global level now, the first week of February is International Development Week, and Aga Khan Foundation Canada (AKFC) is celebrating by offering these daily one-question quizzes to test your knowledge on global development.

Does international development really affect you? Can you make a difference in a faraway land for people you will probably never meet? How can you get your children involved in a meaningful way from right here at home? What are some local events that take place that might help you be part of a global movement? Start exploring those questions on AKFC’s website and see where that leads you. And learn more about World Partnership Walk through their Facebook page. It’s a GREAT place to start and may end up becoming one of your favourite family days of the year!

3. Say ‘Hi’ To A Stranger!

While our weather may be something to brag about, Vancouver has a bit of an icy reputation! A couple years ago, an article was published by Vancity Buzz claiming that Vancouver has ‘forgotten to be friendly.’ Do you think this is true? (I’m more of the opinion that a city is only as friendly or as unfriendly as you make it…) Well, whichever side of the fence you sit on, a Cue Creative Consulting and a team of change-makers/local businesses are partnering up to bring you the second edition of #sayhitoastranger. During the weekend of Feb. 13-Feb. 15, Vancouverites are encouraged to say hi to people they pass in the streets, or line up with at coffee shops etc. Local businesses are hopping on board this movement and offering free goodies in exchange for the phrase ‘say hi to a stranger!’ For more details check out their website and my article published on ChatterBlock.

What is February to you? Leave a comment below – I’d love to hear!