It can be comfortable being stuck in one perspective. Believing something to be exactly as I see it, affirming that belief by filtering everything through one lens and having the outcome be exactly as I predicted – it can masquerade as security. Being closed in by one perspective can feel warm and safe; there are walls to protect and blankets to hide under.

But looking at something from a different angle can offer light and oxygen. Just ask someone with a camera. From one point, the view can be murky and shadowy. From another, the subject appears sharp and bright.

Our world can change from despair to hope if we dare to shift.

Maybe it’s scary that we hold that much power to shape our own world. Or perhaps today I can remind you that it’s not.

It’s magical and hopeful.

If you needed this reminder, here it is. This Wayne Dyer quote has stretched my world more times than I can count. So have conversations with my husband and my loved ones. Find the thing, the thought, the support that keeps you creating the beautiful things you deserve in your life.