You know that feeling that’s best described as being like a kid in a candy store?

That’s how I felt when Chimp, a charitable account system I talked about here, asked if they could give Let ME Out!! $160 to donate to any Canadian charity! Giving to a charity you love feels pretty awesome. Doing it with someone else’s money – how do you beat that?

Photo Credit: winnond/

Photo Credit: winnond/

This was a great opportunity to test drive their system, and it is as easy as they say. It took me just a few quick clicks to set up my free Chimp account from which I could directly donate to any of the listed charities. Clicking around on their super user-friendly site, I understood why people love Chimp so much they’ve used it to donate more than $32 million to over 3590 charities in this first year of its existence!!

Huge thanks to sponsor Hootsuite; during December, they are absorbing the already-minimal 1% service charge that accompanies a normal transaction. (This is the lowest rate you will find in Canada – elsewhere it’s between 4-7%).

It didn’t take me long to locate my favourite charity, Pandora’s Collective Outreach Society, via Chimp’s Find A Charity link. One click later, Pandora’s Collective ended up with $80 toward their programs, and I ended up with a happy heart!

Oh, but I said they gave me $160, right? Guess who gets the other $80? ONE OF YOU!

Chimp would love to have you try out their system and donate $80 to any Canadian cause that you wish!

To enter to win is almost as quick as using Chimp! The rafflecopter below closes on Friday December 19 at 12 AM (midnight) PST at which time it will randomly draw a lucky winner!

**Please make sure to click I Visited/I Followed/I Commented after completing each task or your entries won’t go in the pot! 

If it’s your name, you will have 24 hours from the time I contact you to claim your prize, or another winner will be drawn.

When you claim your prize, all I have to do is click once more from my Chimp account and the money will be transferred to you by email. So easy. So awesome.

Good luck!


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