Three Things I Thought About At 4 A.M. #3ThingsThursday

The baby still wakes up twice a night. I’m sure she doesn’t need a feed, she just loves me so much she can’t do without me for an entire night.

At 4 am I went in for the second time, and for some reason I could hear my thoughts as if I was another person listening in. Some people may call this a spiritual experience. I call it sleep deprivation: when your body is so tired, it can’t always house your sanity. So, your sanity steps out for a bit, has a little look’n listen to what your body’s doing, then (hopefully) merges again with your physical form. That’s just my take on it 😉

Anyway, in the spirit of #3ThingsThursday hosted by Pink Chai, The Write Balance and Love Laugh Mirch, here are 3 things that I caught floating around in my head, just a couple hours ago! After you’re done reading these really strange thoughts, head over to the lovely ladies I just mentioned, who I am sure having something a little more coherent to say!

1As I picked her up from her crib…

Oh, she’s flipped over on to her back again. Did she wake up because she flipped over? Or did she flip over because she woke up? Wouldn’t it be cool to have like a nanny cam in here so I can see what happened first? That’s kind of like, what came first…the chicken or the egg? I think it was the chicken. God just plopped a chicken onto Earth and then…no, wait, it was probably the egg. *sanity started creeping in* WHY AM I THINKING ABOUT THIS?!

2. As we settled into the nursing chair…

Her side feels kind of damp. Did she pee through her diaper? Or is she just sweaty? It’s kind of warm in here. But it could be pee. *caressing her left side as though my hand would be able to differentiate sweat from pee…as though it wasn’t totally disgusting that if it was pee, I was now rubbing it all over my palm* Is it wet enough to warrant a change? *Note: I did not bother answering myself*

3. As I nursed her…

What day is it tomorrow? Today. What day is it today? Is it hot lunch day? Shoot, that was yesterday. What should I make today? I could make macaroni and cheese, but Aariz ate that yesterday. So what’s happening today…there’s something…oh yeah, Christmas thingy after school. I ordered the extra large pizza. Oh, if there’s leftovers I can send them to school on Friday. Is there school on Friday? *sanity started creeping in again* WHY WOULDN’T THERE BE SCHOOL ON FRIDAY? GO BACK TO SLEEP!

As I walked back to my room, in a moment of sheer brilliance, I heard this voice say, “There you go, you have your #3ThingsThursday post.”

Some may call it a spiritual experience. You know what I say…



4 thoughts on “Three Things I Thought About At 4 A.M. #3ThingsThursday

  1. I love this Taslim! I always have a non-stop dialogue going in my head (and I don’t even have a nursing baby!). Over the years I’ve had to really force myself to quite the voice in my head and focus when I’m writing.

    PS: Thanks for making me smile with this post!

    1. I’m glad it made you smile 🙂 And this chair…I used to call it my ball and chain with my first baby. I hated that it held me there, against my will, so many times a day when I could have been doing ‘something else’. For a long time, my thoughts in that chair were angry, frustrated, bored…then there was quiet. And when I finally got quiet, I started remembering what really brought me joy – and that’s how I started writing again!

  2. Lol, oh my gosh, this totally brings me back to the nursing days! I remember thinking random thoughts in the nursing chair too. At least it brought you the post today, which I love. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. I had a great time writing this, too. Things seemed that much sillier on the screen lol I told my kids over breakfast what I wrote and they laughed their heads off. P.S. They both got mac and cheese today, and there were exactly 2 slices of pizza left over from tonight’s dinner – one for each of them for tomorrow’s lunch 🙂

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