Old Habits Die Hard (Or: I’m Starting To Miss My Yoga Pants) Week Two #Moms30for30

It’s been another week in the life of me attempting to ‘dress up’, although I’m figuring out that most people don’t consider leggings actually dressing up. They must be a step above yoga pants, though, right? Jeans are like the ultimate fancy pants for me right now. I do have one jean skirt in the mix…maybe I’ll brave the frost and throw that on next week with really long, really warm socks under my long boots. Is it just the winter that’s keeping me lazy with the wardrobe? Or the fact that I usually only leave my house twice a day for school pickups/dropoffs?

Anyway, I’m trekking along here at the halfway point, as are the other mamas on this challenge! Be sure to check out how @pinkchai, @salmadinani, @shawnadovetail and @westcoast_mama are faring at this stage! They’re showing off some really great combinations that are inspiring and creative!

Here’s what my week looked like. You will probably notice I skipped Day 9. That was a total pyjama day as I spent much of it cooking and cleaning. I just couldn’t do that in my snazzy leggings 🙂

Day 7

Day 8

Day 10

Day 11

Day 12

Day 13


And my favourite accessory this week is the Marlow Love Knot from Brooklyn Designs.

What’s been your favourite look so far?






4 thoughts on “Old Habits Die Hard (Or: I’m Starting To Miss My Yoga Pants) Week Two #Moms30for30

  1. Thanks for the photos. Let’s give a cheer for jeans! So practical, so easy to clean — and these days, they don’t need ironing. Hurray!

    A jeans fan, Karen

    1. Hi Karen – and you look great in jeans! And yay to no ironing! You would NEVER see me in a pair otherwise! Have a great day, my friend!

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