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1. Reading. All. The. Time. 

Oh my goodness, I remember that feeling of everything being absolutely perfect in the world. Tucked into my bed covers, leaning against my pillow propped against the headboard, lamp switched on and hours of reading time – it was all I needed. My books came with me everywhere. In the car (now I can’t read in the car without feeling nauseous), to relatives’ homes, to school, to appointments. on errands…oh, to be able to spend every free minute like that again. Sigh.

2. Being in a school band.

I played the alto saxophone in my school band from grade 6-grade 12 and have some incredible memories, particularly of junior high school (grades 8-10). I loved the feeling of being part of an ensemble; everyone had their parts and when they all came together, it was like magic. My breath felt deeper, I felt relaxed. I can’t actually describe that feeling. I’m just thankful I experienced it. I really miss those times.

3. Thinking ordering pizza was exciting as all get-out. 

It really was the simple things. Pizza, The Cosby Show, getting hand-me-downs from my cousins, Saturdays…they weren’t just good, or even great. They were worth jumping up and down for. I remember clapping my hands in glee over these things. Pure joy and total lack of restraint when it came to expressing it!

What do YOU miss about your childhood? I’d love to hear!