When I first heard that Serena Dyer wrote a book, I was intrigued to know what she had to say. After all, she is the daughter of Dr. Wayne Dyer – a man whose teachings I have admired for years. I wondered what it was like to be raised by someone like him. To be honest, I often wondered how hands-on he could have been with all 8 of his children when he was busy writing books and speaking internationally. As a mom of ‘just’ 3 (in comparison) I am conscious of the kinds of messages I’m passing down to my children, in between the daily activities, the hustle and bustle – what are the kids absorbing, what am I imparting on them unconsciously or consciously? So, I really wanted to know what kind of effect someone like Wayne Dyer has had on his offspring.

In a refreshing and conversational voice, Serena offers her experiences growing up with spiritual parents, systematically naming the principles that governed the Dyer home which her father wrote about in his 2001 book, 10 Secrets for Success and Inner Peace. These ‘secrets’ are essentially what he and his wife hoped their children would live by. So, of course, as a parent, I wanted to know: did these principles get passed down well (and how did they?!), and what impact did they have on her life now as an adult.

Don’t Die With Your Music Still in You did not disappoint. Serena’s endearing stories about her siblings and parents, her humour and her honesty made this an easy and inspiring read. Her father’s short responses at the end of each chapter were a nice touch, although I hope Serena knows, her writing can stand its own and her book is deserving of a spot on any personal development lover’s bookshelf.

As a mother, what did I get out of it? A lot! It is clear to me that despite Serena’s sometimes less than enthusiastic reactions to her parent’s teachings and her typical responses in adolescence to having ‘different’ parents, messages come through loud and clear and have a lasting impact. So, when you think they aren’t listening, or watching, or your children openly defy what you are telling them…something is being absorbed, and it could very well be lived out later in life.

I enjoyed the stories of Serena’s mother immensely. Being a woman and the primary caregiver, I wanted to know how  Marcie ‘handled’ 7 children and 1 stepchild, and not only kept her cool, but contributed so much to the emotional and spiritual development of her children. The anecdotes surrounding this were educational for me and I appreciated the takeaways that I could practice.

If you ever wanted a sneak peek into Wayne Dyer’s home life from the eyes of one of his children, grab this book! As a parent, it was eye-opening and motivating without any added pressure of having to be perfect. In fact, this book gave me permission to be just who I am so that I can help my children be who they are.

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