You know that feeling, when you really need to stretch your legs, take a deep breath…and not have a darn thing to do except just that? Well, and swim in the lake. Barbecue some burgers. Read. Write. Sit at the campfire. Just those things.

I had been craving that for so long.

I’ve been feeling like I need a BREAK and to me, being at a cottage on the lake, is just that.

So when my husband suggested a three night cottage stay at Shuswap Lake as part of our first family road trip, I don’t think I have ever said “YES” to anything so quickly. After a quick internet search, we knew that we would find exactly what we needed at Scotch Creek Cottages.

I called the property manager, Greg, the very next day and he was extremely helpful in helping us select the best cottage for our needs. We were blown away by Cottage #18 – just one up from the lake, 2 bedrooms (the kids’ room had bunk beds – they were thrilled!), washer/dryer, beautiful kitchen/living/dining area and large covered porch complete with picnic table. I never said we were camping. This was full-on glamping. But there was a communal campfire, so that was a big check off my list!

Probably the best part was the playground situated in the middle of the horseshoe of cottages. Right after breakfast each morning, kids would run to the playground from every which direction to meet up with their new best friends. Don’t you just love how kids can do that? Become insta-besties? My husband and I loved how they could go out and not have to be directly supervised. They were always within eyeshot and earshot, but we didn’t feel the need to hover or be watching them every second. We remarked that this must be what it was like for our parents who were able to let us run out the door every morning and feel secure in knowing we were out having fun and would be back when we got hungry.

When they weren’t making up new games with their buddies or building sandcastles in the shade of the playground equipment, they were going for a dip in the lake with yours truly, or being rowed around by my hubs in our dinghy. There is even a giant trampoline within the designated swimming area which they enjoyed TREMENDOUSLY!

Such a beautiful setting – and total lakeside living. We ate when we were hungry, swam when we wanted to and that’s basically how the days passed. There was still the baby and all her needs to consider so the writing and reading didn’t come as easily as I would have liked. And we didn’t get the best sleep since we slept in the same room as her. She decided to turn into a newborn on this trip and woke up every two hours, probably because she could hear our every move and wasn’t in her familiar surroundings. But as I mentioned in this post, I had my life jacket on – my mantra “This time next year…things will be easier” and I do hope we return one day so we can chase her around the grassy area.

There is a lot more to Scotch Creek than meets the eye, yet it is a sleepy little blip on the map. I would recommend staying more than three nights if you want to try some of the activities off the cottage resort. Oh, and if you like to fish…you can even catch your own dinner!

If you are looking for a place to stay in the Shuswap area, try Scotch Creek. It’s on the other side of the lake from the more ‘party’ house-boat area. The lake is warm and so is the hospitality.

Do you have a favourite place to cottage? Tell me! I think I’m hooked…