Hello, dear Readers! First off, a big welcome to my new subscribers! There’s a whole slew of you – and I’m sure we met on Saturday night at the Heartmind Wisdom Collection 2 book launch! What a fun night that was. Celebrating this amazing collection with my coauthors was one highlight. Watching all 3 of my kids sitting nicely in the crowd was another. When we got home that night, my oldest daughter says to me, “Mommy, I love your job.” Me, too, sweets. Me, too.

Speaking about living an authentic life, delivering a talk that came right from my heart and soul, was invigorating. I think we all have something like that, that does that to us. Something that’s pretty much sewn into our being when we are conceived. When we tap into it, live from it, our soul vibrates at an optimal frequency and things just feel good.

Today I’m shining the spotlight on someone I have known most of my life, but only recently have come to know as an artist. Fatima Sumar is the creator behind Fantabulous Dezigns – a jewelry line with a spiritual twist. If you were at the launch on Saturday, you may have met her as one of our sponsors. She is a great example of someone following her heart and doing what makes her soul sing. I asked her a few questions which she kindly answered for us. Hope you take a few minutes to read her messages about pursuing passions and family traditions.

How did your jewelry making begin? 

My jewelry making started off as a young child. I would always be making the latest trending jewelry piece and then my grandmother and I would sit down and make Tasbihs (they are prayer beads similar to mala beads) together as a way for us to bond and for me to inherit traditional knowledge.

What is your inspiration? 

My grandmother. She and I can be having a simple conversation and all of a sudden she will say something and I create my next line.

How did this passion develop into a business?

After creating trendy pieces as a hobby, I started noticing people were interested in my stuff. That’s when I started to think outside the box! I asked myself, how can impact the world? The answer was simple: educate and inspire others to do good through my Tasbihs and jewelry pieces. As each piece or line was created, my inner fire or passion was aroused. I feel as though I am in the right spot in the right time and that I am fulfilling my life’s purpose.

You come from a family of entrepreneurs. How do you think this has influenced you? 

Yes, I do come from a line of entrepreneurs, and at the age of 5 I knew that I wanted to be a successful business owner. I would say, given my background, that being an entrepreneur is in my blood but more importantly it excites me to my core. I would much rather have a conversation about the business world than a scientific conversation. When I worked at the airport I was very dark  and closed off. Although I had a stable paycheck and was around people, I was empty and bored. Today, I am the very opposite; I am happy and making a difference.

As an entrepreneur, it is not always glamorous and financially freeing in the beginning of your journey. However, the many facets of a business interest me due to the level of creativity involved compared to the black and white aspect of other lines of work. I also have never been one to conform to any role but rather be a leader and stand out.

What are valuable traits to have as an entrepreneur?

As an entrepreneur surround yourself with people who are like minded and have a vision. Never give up on your goal! Patience is a virtue! I have found myself questioning what I do many times especially when things do not go as planned but have come to understand that whatever is happening at this moment is right for me.

Please tell us about the rewards and challenges of your business. 

The rewards are: knowing that I have put a smile on each individual’s face and that I have imparted some knowledge as an ambassador of Islam. Also, I love knowing the piece is spiritually and emotionally what the client needed at that specific time and that I have been able to impact the individual’s life in a positive way. Challenges that I am finding are: ways to break through the clutter of many designers. But that also is exciting as I am confident about my pieces. I find the day to day administrative requirements to be challenging as they does not leave me with what I love which is designing and customer acquisition. Although, these are considered to be challenges I see them as a way to grow and make me stronger both professionally and personally.

Any advice for my readers who have a dream but are afraid to pursue it? 

Do not think about it, but rather get your feet wet and your hands dirty. Find someone that can mentor you and enjoy the journey. Your dream is your reality: own it and enjoy nurturing it to light. Love what you do!

Please check out Fatima’s site by clicking here – have a look at her pretty designs and give her a like and a follow!