A burning desire is something that is driven from your soul and, like a raging fire, it cannot be extinguished. It’s something you know you absolutely must do before you die, or you will feel this lifetime was not fully lived. Tweet that!

What is that for you?

Last month at the I Can Do It! Vancouver conference, Wayne Dyer spoke about burning desires. It was just a brief thought during his 3 hour talk, but it was my personal take-away. When he asked us to think about the one thing we absolutely must do during this lifetime – no matter how weird or strange or ridiculous it may be – I was stopped in my tracks. I am constantly aware of what I want my legacy to be, and things get added to my wish list often. But a burning desire is not that. It’s not a to-do list or a bucket list or a 60-things-I-want-to-do-before-I-turn-60 kind of thing.

What I love about this coming to my awareness is that it’s really only plausible to have 1 or 2 of these burning desires. And that really helps me prioritize where I’m going to spend my energy. I’m not knocking bucket lists. I’m sure they are rewarding to check off. But I’m the kind of person who needs focus or I’ll get carried away by a gazillion projects that sound like a good idea. But if I’m depriving myself of the time to fulfill my 1 or 2 huge life missions, then I’m doing myself a disservice. And if a desire is so strong that it’s driven from the soul level, then there must be a greater reason for me needing to achieve it. Perhaps to help someone else on their path. Or perhaps I will never actually know the cosmic reason.

So, what is my burning desire? To share messages that uplift other spirits, that remind people of their Greatness, that may help them re-connect with their Creativity/Spirituality, and that inspire others to be their authentic, loving, giving selves. That’s it. That’s what I consider my work here. Do you see how it’s not really checklist-able? I mean, at the end of the day I can ask myself, “Did I do my work today?” and if I wrote or spoke or acted on this desire then yes, that day I did my work. But I can’t ‘do’ it one day and then say, “Ok, that’s done. What’s next?” and then never write or speak or act on this flame inside me.

I ask you again, what is your burning desire? I can guarantee that once you start to honour it, you’ll be able to do a nice sweep of the things and thoughts that are cluttering your path and leaving you wanting more.