Have you ever been told to ignore the What Ifs? Do those two words conjure up feelings of fear and insecurity? Maybe…if you are asking yourself things like, “What if I put my heart into this project and nothing comes of it?” or “What if I apply for this job and don’t get called for an interview?”

Let’s change our perspective.

What if…asking yourself ‘what if’ opens up a whole new world of possibility?

What if…focusing on the best possible outcome pushes you forward on your path of chasing your dreams?

What if…looking at something in a new light brings you greater understanding of yourself and your place in this world?

Well, then, you’re sitting on a goldmine, aren’t you?

That was my vision behind Let ME Out!!’s latest workbook called What If…?: 52 Questions Designed for an Entire Year of Self-Discovery. In a portable journal, carefully crafted questions lead you on a scenic journey – without having you leave your writing desk! The path they take you on brings you to a greater awareness of how you view yourself, how you see the world, why you do the things you do, and how being you can positively impact the world.

Before going to print, I selected a few people to read the questions presented in the book, and to give me their honest opinion. Here’s what they had to say:

Through life’s journey, we are bound to question our thoughts, actions and beliefs.  Taslim Jaffer’s new workbook, What If?, allows us to do just that in a structured format.  For every week of the year, we are given a what if question to ponder and asked to jot down our thoughts. What if this is the best activity we could do for ourselves this year? Thank you, Taslim for helping us on our route to self-discovery!

~ E. Patricia Connor, Co-founder, Kindness is Key Training and Publishing Inc., www.kindnessiskey.com

Simple yet profound – journeying through these questions will transform your world! Don’t miss out on this experience!

~Azim Jamal, # 1 Amazon & Barnes & Noble Bestselling Author, www.corporatesufi.com

Ask yourself “What if…” and all of a sudden a whole world of possibility that has been aching to be known to you shows up! Taslim Jaffer is a wizard at posing the perfect prompts to unlock the creative, the bold and the genius in all of us!

~ Farhana Dhalla, Author of International #1 Bestselling book Thank You for Leaving Me, www.farhanadhalla.com

An eye-opening experience! Emotions effortlessly flowed as I fondly recalled forgotten moments. Even a second time around with this book, it was a new journey. Treat yourself to these 52 fabulous questions!

~ Georgina Grace, Co-author of Heartmind Wisdom Collection anthologies, www.heartmindwisdom.com/georgina

I’m a busy mom of 2 kids, but after reading only the first question in Taslim’s What If? workbook, I found my thoughts drifting back to it throughout my day. The profound questions give readers an opportunity to be enlightened about how they view the world. An excellent source of discussion for book clubs and wherever people gather.

~ Shay Meszaros, Mom and Entrepreneur, www.shaymeszaros.wordpress.com

After working on this baby for a year and a half, I say, “Let’s party!” If you are in the area, please join me in celebrating:

Good Day Sunshine Cafe

#100-2950 King George Blvd, South Surrey B.C.

Saturday April 26, 2014 12:30-2:30 pm

There will be door prizes donated from local businesses, as well as tasty treats catered by the cafe. Please join the Facebook event page HERE for more details, including sneak peeks into the book!


Tuesday Tasks books and Make-A-Wave cards will also be available at the launch. If you are unable to stop by on April 26, please visit my online store. You can purchase a Let ME Out!! workbook bundle online! Click HERE