To say Dr. Wayne W. Dyer is like a grandfather to me seems strange because he’s only a handful of years older than my dad. (Ok, maybe almost two handfuls). His words are sage. When he speaks, I know exactly what he means even if I haven’t physically experienced what he has, or read the books he has. I appreciate the way he explains the most complicated matter in such an easily digestible way, all the while making me feel like I have access to all this knowledge, too. Best of all, I like how he can scientifically show me that I can co-create my own reality. The fact that he can do it while spouting poetry by Yeats, cummings, Dickinson, Rumi and Hafiz cinches the deal for me.

Dr. Dyer was first introduced to me by my father a couple of decades ago as a man who appears on PBS; he says the most amazing things backed up by the wisdom of the ages – all of which he has thoroughly researched since his teen years. My dad would tell me bits and pieces of what he’d heard Dr. Dyer say. It was appealling to me but only superficially. I didn’t take the time to really listen to or understand the importance of his teachings. Considering career options (i.e. trying to figure out what I could see myself doing for more than a year without hating it), stifling yawns in my university classes and making lists of places I’d rather be besides the concrete quadrangle of Simon Fraser University’s campus were pretty much my main pastimes.

But like everything of importance to my life journey that I somehow glossed over in my earlier years, Dr. Dyer has come back and this time I am a captive audience. In fact, on May 17 at Queen Elizabeth Theatre, I will literally be in the audience of the I Can Do It! Vancouver conference – and this time, I’m bringing my dad with me! Though I didn’t realize it at the time, the labourers of fate inspired my dad to turn on the television and tune in to a man who would later become a significant role model for me. This is my way of acknowledging the Universe’s work and thanking it for always being on my side.

This will be my third time seeing Dr. Dyer live and I feel like I am going to visit with a family member I cherish after some time of absence. Sharing the stage with him this year is another favourite of mine, Dr. Robert Holden (who happens to be quite charming with his sense of humour and British accent, and who also happens to be a looooove expert!) and a woman I have been waiting to hear live on stage, Anita Moorjani. You may have heard of her as the woman who ‘came back to life’ after basically dying of Stage IV cancer, then wrote about it in a book called Dying to be Me.

More information on the speaker lineup and itinerary can be found through my affiliate link by clicking on the graphic below:


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I will also be live-tweeting from the event! If you can’t join me there physically you can do so virtually by following me on twitter HERE and joining in on the conversation at #icandoit2014.

**Disclosure: Hay House Publishing has given me two passes to the conference in exchange for me telling everyone how awesome it is – which I am only doing because I truly believe it is so!