If you haven’t heard me talk about #angelcareYVR, then you must not be on my Facebook page, or following me on Twitter 🙂 If you have heard me promoting this Twitter party, you may be wondering why this is such a big deal!

So, in true blogger-style, let me tell you the Top 3 Reasons:

1. One of the owners of 4 Angels Beauty Care, Inc. (the brand being celebrated during this party), Navkiran Sokhi, first started doing my waxing and threading in 2006. I am so grateful that when I randomly asked a colleague where she got her brows done, she shoved me in Navkiran’s direction with the words,”She is AMAZING! Don’t go anywhere else!” Well, I haven’t gone anywhere else in the last 8 years. In fact, I followed Navkiran when she left the salon she was working with at the time and used her daughter’s bedroom in their basement apartment as a salon. That move taught me about her faith in herself and about her family’s support as they made room in their small space for their mom’s big dream. Eventually, Navkiran and her family were able to move to their own home and have a separate room in the basement as salon space. She had even more of my respect when she told me that when they came from India they had nothing but what they could carry, which included two young children. It’s a story that many Canadian families are familiar with, including my own.

And then on the day she told me she was looking for space in downtown Vancouver to open up her own shop…there were hugs and tears. There were jitters, too. This was a huge step!

And just look at what has come from the hard work of Navkiran, her business partner Kulwinder and daughter/manager Sifti:


It is such a pleasure and honour to be able to share 4 Angels Beauty Care with the world in this way because it was born from many of the values I admire: hard work, integrity, passion, and dedication.

2. #angelcareYVR is all about celebrating Spring and all things beautiful – including ourselves. Spring has always been my favourite season, with Fall being a close second. During those times of the year, Nature really flaunts Her stuff. The colours, the tiny changes that happen daily that surmount to a grand expression, the message that no matter what happens ‘in between’ there are some things we can always count on…those are just some of the reasons to love these seasons. With Spring comes longer days and an awakening within that inspires us to step out, step up and do the things we know we are capable of doing. And to be able to do those things, we are learning we need to take care of ourselves. Self-care is quite the buzz word these days, and honestly, I hope it never fades away. This Twitter party is one such reminder. Each sponsor invited on board was given the opportunity to support us because of their philosophies and commitment to self-care.

My personal theme for 2014 has been about getting back to where I can look in the mirror and think I am beautiful, feel I am beautiful, and know that it’s OK to do so. It’s about looking at my belly that grew 3 babies and loving it instead of wishing it away. It’s about taking the extra 5 minutes to remove my makeup before bed. It’s about wearing makeup when I want to! It’s about looking myself in the eye, right up close, and knowing that I am a heavenly angel in a human body, and that that is my true essence.

So a party about self-kindness and beauty? You bet I am all for it! 

3. And finally, putting together this Twitter party means a big deal to me because it is such an authentic way for me to express who I am. I love bringing people together, helping make connections between brands and audiences, and between people who could mutually benefit. I love being like, “Hey, you need this? This person has it! And you can help them out by doing that!” The fact that this is part of my work is a bonus! For me, the line between work and play is blurry like the chalk paintings in Mary Poppins when it starts raining. And just as colourful are my days when I get to make creative connections! I’m finding all kinds of outlets for my passions and #angelcareYVR is one example.

Making work feel like play is one of life’s ultimate goals, in my opinion! 

I hope you join me and my co-hosts Eschelle and Rebecca as we celebrate 4 Angels Beauty Care, and YOU.

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