This is the age of people sharing stories.  We have stepped into the place of appreciating the value of the ups and downs of our journey and know that their true blessing is released when the lessons make their way into the lives of others.

When people ask me my preferred genre to write, without missing a beat I will tell them “memoir.”  This is usually followed by the question, “Is that like your autobiography?”

And here’s the answer: No.

Autobiography goes something like this: This happened, then this happened, then this happened, then this happened…and… in 1987… this happened etc.

Memoir goes like this: Hi, my friend.  Come on in.  We’re going to step into my parents’ living room on a sunny Friday afternoon in March 2006.  Sit down on the couch beside me as I sit beside my mom and learn the news that would change all of our lives.  Don’t worry – I’m safe, you’re safe, she’s safe and you will know this by the calm resilience in my voice.  I know this might bring something up for you as well but that’s ok.  This is a healing process.  There.  Now that you can relate to this pivotal moment in my life, let me share with you all the gems I unearthed from it.  Here’s one and here’s another. Beautiful, right?  Let’s go another step further and allow me to show you how these treasures have impacted my life now – 7 years later. Do you see how this magic works?  Can you see how it can work in your life, too?  Here are some tools that I have used to help me get here.  These tools might work for you or you may have another way of getting there.  Either way, you are not alone.  Thank you for listening to my story because you have given purpose and meaning to what I have been through.  

I bolded that last part because I want you to pay attention to it.  This is very important for me and why I share what I do.  It is so rewarding when a reader sends me a message to say they heard my words and it impacted them in some way.  Because really, what was the point of me going through anything difficult if I couldn’t come out the other side with something that could benefit someone else?

You have stories, too and if you have ever wondered if you should share them, the answer is yes.  If you have been wondering if now is the time, the answer is also a resounding YES.  Not sure how to get started?  Drop me a line.

After all, the stories that we share could very well be the only thing we really are.

Four generations of stories and love.

Four generations of stories and love.