From Inspiration To Healing: How The Make-A-Wave Cards Came To Be

Late last Spring, an idea popped into my head that involved paints, quotes and pay-it-forward.  I was inspired by the Creativity issue of Sprout Magazine in which there was a demo of how to create your own inspirational cards.  To put my own twist on it, I envisioned these cards being passed around all over the world.  I wanted people to connect eye-to-eye and say, “Here, take this card and have an awesome day!” and I also wanted people to come up with creative ways to pass the cards on to strangers.  Slipping one into a library book before returning it, or leaving one in a gym locker, for example. The idea became a fun, colourful beach ball that bounced around in my head and entertained me while I brainstormed materials and researched quotes.

Somewhere around the time I had primed a few cards for painting, I learned I was pregnant.

The project was then put on hold as I was too nauseous to even think about painting, or doing much else for that matter.

And then when I was 11 weeks pregnant, I miscarried and just like that my world changed a little.

What didn’t change was my insatiable thirst for expressing myself with colour or my desire to make kindness a larger part of my work. So a few weeks after my pregnancy ended, I began a process of healing through art.  I chose colours to suit each quote and then just played with swirls, splotches and solids.  My daughter, then 5, quickly became my Creative Consultant; she was there when I wanted to talk colour combinations, or font styles…or just needed a hug.

As I painted with brushes and my fingers, I got lost.  The house always seemed to get really quiet when I was alone with the pinks and greens and blues and yellows – something that doesn’t seem to happen often in a home with two young children.  I also found myself again in the quotes I was printing, then ripping, then gluing.  The words spoke to me in the stillness and kept me moving forward.

When I had my first dozen designs ready for the world my childhood friend and now graphics designer, Hyedie of Happy-D Designs, got them prepped for print and worked hard to make my dream a reality. And a few weeks later, I had my first order in my hands.

My then 2 year old son jumped on board as Partner in Sales and Marketing.  We made trips to local stores and while my son charmed the storeowners with his big eyes and smile, the cards touched their hearts, and soon these wonderful people were making space on their shelves for my dream.

Looking back, I see how quickly I came out of a dark time with the help of some beautiful colours, uplifting words, quiet time with the process, and the love and support of my family.  I also believe the process was enriched by my desire to help others through these cards.  Again, I learned the lesson: service makes my soul feel at home.

Each month I am dedicating 50% of online sales of these cards to different charities.  If you have a charity that you would like to see supported, please contact me.  To view these cards in my online store, please click here or on the picture below.


Disclosure: The link to Sprout Magazine is my affiliate link.  I do receive a percentage of sales of this magazine.


4 thoughts on “From Inspiration To Healing: How The Make-A-Wave Cards Came To Be

  1. Oh, Taslim, you just brought tears to my eyes! What a beautiful rippling out of good here. I’m so grateful to have played a part, in featuring the original inspiration cards in Sprout magazine, and helping spread the word that way–and now you have taken that idea and run with it, rippling out the goodness in ways we may never know.

    I’m so sorry about your loss. How lovely, though, that you have been able to turn your heartache into healing, helping others find hope as well. I am sending you GREAT BIG hugs right now. xoxo

    1. Amanda, I don’t even know what to say! You were such a help when I needed to get this dream off the ground (remember: “Um, what’s gesso??”) and I have am so grateful for the fulfillment these cards are bringing to me. Thank goodness Sprout (and you!) came into my life! <3

  2. Taslim and Amanda, what a blessing to me you both are. I saw Amanda’s FB post just now and linked over here to your post, Taslim. Having experienced miscarriage myself,. I send you special hugs of comfort. And how deeply deeply healing and uplifting to hear how you worked through the rawness of loss, through the valley, into the sunlight of such beautiful expression, through your cards. And I can just see your other precious children working right along side you . .

    I was part of that issue of Sprout:Creativity. I’ve made my own cards. I am so deeply touched to hear of how those ideas have continued to grow and spread . .

    Taslim, warm juicy hugs coming from me to you . .

    1. Maureen, thank you so much for this beautiful comment! I appreciate your hugs and send some right back to you! I love how art has connected us and hope to hear from you again 🙂

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