I’m hearing them often now: stories about young women – mothers – who are being diagnosed with cancer.  As a mother in their age group and having friends in common with these brave soldiers, the stories have felt too close.  Actually not quite like stories, but like…reality. And that has me asking, “What can I do?”

Today I’m going to tell you about Aimee Taylor and her experience with cancer as a new mother.  Not to instill fear, not to make you feel sad or defeated.  Quite the opposite, actually.  I want to tell you about the restoration of Aimee’s faith in humanity, and how any one of us can be a part of that.

A talented writer and musician, Aimee recently became a mom to beautiful Alexa and shortly after learned that she has Stage IV cancer.  As Aimee focused on what this diagnosis means to her new daughter and loving partner, Evani, the community rallied around her. Friends, acquaintances and strangers alike are banding together to do what they can to ease Aimee’s burden and that has meant so much to her.

Photo Credit: Images by Bethany www.imagesbybethany.com

Photo Credit: Images by Bethany www.imagesbybethany.com

One of the biggest concerns Aimee has for her daughter is that she is no longer able to breastfeed her (while undergoing chemotherapy). Friends put out a plea…and the milk came pouring in.  Read the Vancouver Sun article here about Aimee’s emotional response to the human kindness she is experiencing through breastmilk donors.

There is still help needed, and if you’d like to be a part of this beautiful movement of kindness and humanity here’s how:

To donate breastmilk, email Margo at margo@margossecrets.com

To donate Save-On Points that they can use toward gift cards for groceries (they live right next to a Save-On store), call 1-800-242-9229 and ask to put the points toward card number 480 0343 4081 (the second line of numbers is AC #X6VXNU)

If you’d like to give meals or baby items, email emily.wight@gmail.com to coordinate.

Aimee is on maternity leave and her wife has stepped down from her work to support her through chemotherapy and an upcoming liver surgery.  To assist them financially, Aimee’s brother Gus has set up a donation page with a goal of $50,000.  It moves me to report that as of 3 days ago, nearly half of that goal has been reached!

If you are able to donate financially to aid Aimee, Evani and Alexa:

Especially in a city that is being put on the map for its kind acts, Aimee’s experience can be hopeful.  Thank you to everyone who is helping and thank you for sharing this post.