You’ve probably read at least one Chicken Soup for the Soul book. I’ve read my share, too.  I enjoy a tear-jerker that tugs at my heart and a Chicken Soup story certainly does that.  So when I was first introduced to the Heartmind Wisdom Collection anthologies by Kindness is Key Training, Inc. I wondered, How is this going to be different?

The first difference that certainly caught my attention is the fact that each contributing co-author shares equally in the royalties of the book sales!  I believe this is a first in the anthology publishing world.  After learning more about the philosophy of Kindness is Key and their initiatives for seeding love, peace and kindness I didn’t hesitate to sign up to write my own stories.  (They will be published in Collections #2 and #3 later this year).

The second key difference really hit home for me when I actually read this anthology – and it was clear from the first chapter.

Each Heartmind Wisdom chapter is about 10 pages long and brimming over with insight.  It’s not just a quick shot to the heart; in 10 pages, each author does a phenomenal job of taking us through his or her journey, including leading us out of the despair and into hope.  Heartmind Wisdom Collection #1 is an anthology of 21 inspirational voyages navigating bankrupty, depression, cancer, loss, obesity and more…into the smooth waters of healing, hope, forgiveness and bright futures.

I have known most of these authors for over a year now and we have shared much over that time through our writing, our public speaking and our local and global initiatives (like the Largest Human Peace Sign Concert) but I have to say, reading each chapter, I see these folks through new eyes.  I would never have guessed the depth of their extraordinary experiences as I only know them to be thriving in light and laughter.

The wonderful thing is, each author shares concrete and practical suggestions for overcoming life’s obstacles so there is even more to be gained from this book than touching stories.  It goes to show, the people you and I meet along the way may hold an immeasurable amount of wisdom from which we can benefit.  The Heartmind Wisdom co-authors are such people I hope you get to know through their book.  (And watch for speaking events in your area, too!)

Heartmind Wisdom anthologies belong in the hands of those you love – including yours.

*I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review.

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