One of my favourite speakers at I Can Do It! Vancouver 2012 was Dr. Robert Holden whose humour and charisma had me hooked during the delivery of his most incredible messages on self-love.  When he said, “If you think there is something missing in your life, it is probably you” I felt the tears begin and a knowing sigh escape from within me.  As you may know, this blog began as a result of me realizing within the few years leading up to his presentation that the joy in my life was missing because I was nowhere to be found in it. My connection with his message was like a reunion with an old friend.

When Hay House invited me to choose a book to review through its Book Nook program, I jumped at the chance to read Dr. Holden’s book on the subject that all of us are knowingly or unknowingly affected by: our Loveability.  As elusive as love may seem to some of us, Dr. Holden does a remarkable job of capturing its essence, pinning it down on paper, and holding up a mirror for each reader to reflect on his/her relationship with it.  The reader is led on a journey, narrated with Dr. Holden’s wit and down-to-earthness, and guided to realizations that are as individual as his/herself.  Dr. Holden shares stories, conversations and poetry throughout each chapter.

Though the subject of love may seem, well, lovey-dovey, airy-fairy, light and fluffy etc., those of us who have struggled with knowing how to love and be loved will understand that this book is a lovely read, but it’s not a light read.

In fact, I was given more than a shake when I read, “When people don’t love themselves, they accuse others of not loving them either. When you don’t feel loveable, others easily trigger you.” (p.129)  I continued on through the rest of the paragraph and then shut the book.  Tight.  Some things really hit close to home.

I highly recommend Loveability by Dr. Robert Holden to:

  • anyone who is in a relationship with oneself or someone else
  • anyone who had no idea there was such a thing as being in a relationship with oneself
  • anyone who thinks the last thing they want is to be in a relationship…with anyone!

Know anyone like that?

Pick up a copy here and/or enter to win a copy donated by Hay House just for a lucky Let ME Out!! reader. To enter to win, simply leave a comment that includes the word ‘love’!  If you share this post on facebook, let me know that in a comment and I’ll give you an extra chance to win 🙂

Contest closes on Wednesday June 19 at 12 pm PST.

**This book was given to me for free by Hay House in exchange for an honest review.