In reviewing my vision for Let ME Out!!, I enlisted the help of some truly amazing women whom I have affectionately dubbed my Dream Team.  I have benefited immensely from sharing my story and direction with this creative support system that I had to pass on the pros of stepping forward with your own Dream Team.

1.  When you tell someone your dream out loud, you’re sealing the deal.  You are committing to change and embracing everything that comes with it.  You may end up in a completely different place from where you thought you were headed (and this is often a great thing!).  But that first step of saying, “This is what I want” to someone else is like that incredible rush when you pack up the trunk of your car, jump in the driver’s seat and set off on an adventure. When your Dream Team is a group of passionate, purposeful, outside-the-box thinkers, then you know your trunk is packed with everything you will need for your journey.

2.  Inviting others to come along for the ride adds to the experiences of every member of the team.  You’re not the only one who benefits.  Each member does, in their own way.  In my case, I brought Julie Nowell on board as Creative Catalyst who recommended Christine Nielsen for her html coding magic.  And of course, Hyedie has been with me from day one, adding colour and beauty with her graphics.  By supporting their individual businesses I am moving their dreams along and allowing them to follow their own purpose-path.  That’s fancy for saying, I believe in hiring people to do what they are good at and passionate about.  Win-win for us all.

3.  You never know who’s going to know someone or something that will change your life.  How many times has it happened to you?  You mention something to someone…say, something you wish you knew more about.  And then they say, “Oh, I know all about that.”  Or, “I know just the person to introduce you to.”  Dream Team people say things like that a lot.  It’s really cool.  

4.  You have people with whom you can brave the bumps.  Bumps on the road are inevitable.  In my experience, these bumps are actually launching pads from which the plan gets taken to a new level.  But in that moment when you first stub your toe on it, it can feel like crap.  What you thought was going to work didn’t, and then these emotions are dredged up from some life-shaping moment in your childhood and you wonder if you were cut out for this kind of dreaming anyway.  Most of us, on our own, will eventually shake ourselves off and investigate other avenues.  Some of us will persevere and chase the same dream with even more vigor.  Some of us will abandon the dream and then, later, adopt a safer goal.  But when you have a Dream Team, those moments sitting on that bump holding your throbbing toe are filled with companionship, understanding, support and encouragement. The injury becomes little more than a nuisance rather than a reason to kaibosh the project. The bump becomes a jump.  

5.  It’s fun and social, and even people who enjoy being introverted work-at-home solopreneurs need that.  I might prefer independent leisure activities, crave the quiet and the dark, and love working from home…but I still need human interaction (above conversations about poop – otherwise my 3 year old son would do just fine.)  I believe in communities because when we are in touch with other people who share our interests, our values, people who inspire us and love us, our work here on Earth becomes that much easier.  And SO MUCH FUN!  Sure, my meetings might be on Skype rather than in person – but trust me, fits of giggles and rushes of excitement can definitely reach from one screen to the next and beyond.  There was one moment that’s making me smile now, shared between Julie and me over Skype.  Something she said triggered a brain wave.  I jumped in my chair with my hands up and she screamed and threw her hands up, and while I was giggling she was demanding, “What? What?” and cracking a smile herself.  I wouldn’t have had as much fun doing that by myself!  

And guess what?  Pretty much everyone I’ve worked with…ever…has remained part of my community.  And their energy shows up every time I need it.


P.S. If you’re looking to build your Dream Team, I highly recommend the work of Julie, Christine and Hyedie.  

P.P.S.I also believe in the work of my friend, Jodi Chapman, who has created a community for Soul Shakers – people ready to take flight with their dreams!  Mention my name at checkout for a free Dream Session!