Good morning and happy Friday!  I hope the sun is shining where you are as it is here!  The sound of a hedge trimmer across the street is like music, and so was the woodpecker drumming on my roof this morning!  What sounds tell you that Spring has arrived?

Today I welcome Michelle Muckala, who is eager to share with you a secret to her sanity as a working mother.  She has a fabulous site with a gazillion resources for moms on the go (what other kind of mom is there, really?) so I do hope you pay her a visit after reading this gorgeous post.  

Without further ado, here’s Michelle! 

One of my best kept secrets to the success of a working mom’s day is our bed time routine. At first it was a huge adjustment, but once we established this routine, fighting to go to bed became a thing of the past. The girls actually look forward to this time, as do I.


An evening routine is critical to organizing nighttime chaos that can come with bedtime. Even if we have an evening activity that interferes with our routine, we still do basically the same things when we get home, only in a time-condensed fashion. What makes an evening routine beneficial to everyone is the fact that it is time set aside just for me and my kids. There’s no working, no cleaning, no cooking, and no distractions; I don’t even answer my phone.

Our bedtime routine starts off with a nighttime snack around 6:30.


Followed by getting our jammies on. Usually this turns into a competition; me and Claire, my toddler, against Kendall, my seven year old, to see who can get their jammies on first. Then we plunk down on the couch to read a book.


This is followed by all three (ahem…four) of us cramming into our small bathroom. Claire likes to start off by breaking off twenty pieces of toilet paper to blow her nose.



We floss, brush our teeth, and wash our faces. Sometimes we have music playing and it’s not uncommon for us to break out in a mid-brushing jam. The kids don’t even realize that technically, they are doing one of their “chores”.


Then we all say our goodnights at the foot of Kendall’s stairs. Kendall goes upstairs to get books ready, Claire and I give goodnight kisses to pictures on our walls of those who are no longer with us. She has a drink of water and down she goes without fuss. I head upstairs to read to Kendall, tuck her in, and say our goodnights. Again, no fuss.

The girls know that if there is any fussing when they are down it will be ignored; that is why we have no issues.

Routine takes time to establish so give your kids a chance to get used to it. Once you have it down it will be so worth the beginning effort, especially for you working moms who spend your days away from your kids. Once the kids are in bed, you can spend the rest of your night however you choose and it will be without guilt. You just spent quality time with your kids without distraction – they got undivided, individualized attention from you. And you don’t have the “mean mom” guilt that comes after having to yell or stress to get them down for sleep-it’s truly peaceful.

Do you have a bedtime routine or do you just wing it? Comment below and share your story~

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